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Toronto Police Service Alarm Response Policy

Toronto Police Service Car Alarm ResponseFire Monitoring of Canada Inc. (FMC) have been pleased to monitor the intrusion alarm system in our facility, and provide service to you for this system.  In coordination with these services, some changes are happening with Toronto Police Service which may impact how we dispatch alarms to your facility. Effective September 10, 2018, Toronto Police Service will be fully implementing a “verified response” response requirement for all intrusion alarm activations for all companies and systems in areas that they service.

What does this mean for you?

  • The Toronto Police Service will no longer respond to alarms solely on the request of alarm monitoring stations
  • The verification requirement will apply to burglar alarm activations
  • Panic Alarms will NOT be included in the verified response requirement

Verified response is defined as:

The requirement of validation that criminal activity is occurring/has taken place OR there is imminent threat to personal safety PRIOR to requesting a police response.

Burglar Alarm – includes, but is not limited to; alarm distinctions described as burglar, motion, door, window, glass break, etc.

Verification of a burglar alarm can be established using one or more of the following methods:

  • Audio device
  • Video device
  • Eyewitness (private security or person on scene)
  • Multiple zone activation

Panic Alarm activation includes, but is not limited to; alarm distinctions described as panic, hold-up, duress, emergency button, etc.

The Toronto Police Service will continue to treat alarm activations as a high priority call for service with response being determined by the nature of the call, demand, priorities and resources available at the time of the request for service.

Please review your current intrusion alarm monitoring protocol to ensure that we are able to provide service which complies with the new Toronto Police Service policy.  If you’d like to inquire about your current protocol or ways to verify your alarm in order to comply with the new policy, to include having FMC provide video verification of alarms in your facility, please call our office at 888-789-FIRE.

More Details on the New Alarm Policy can be viewed on the Canadian Security Association Website Here:


For strategies on how to prevent false alarms from your Intrusion System, please see the following blog post:


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