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ULC Fire Monitoring Mitigates Commercial Property Loss

ULC fire alarm monitoring commercial property lossWe’ve outlined in previous blog posts reasoning behind getting ULC fire alarm monitoring.  This can be for building code reasons, fire code reasons, or simple peace of mind that a system is being monitored for fire.  Yet another reason to get ULC fire alarm monitoring is to mitigate the damage that could occur in the event of a fire.

It is our belief that fire cannot be mitigated without a call.  What does this mean?  It’s simple:  the fire department cannot arrive and knock down a fire at your facility unless someone lets them know that your fire alarm system or sprinkler system has activated.  This is where ULC fire alarm monitoring comes in.  ULC fire alarm monitoring to ULC-S561 ensures that whenever the fire alarm in your facility activates the fire department is notified.  ULC-S561 fire alarm monitoring does not allow alarms to be verified, and all alarms must be reported to the fire department within 30 seconds.

What does ULC fire monitoring mean for your business?  It means that if there is a fire in your commercial property, any potential damage that could occur as a result of that fire can be significantly reduced.  Fire doubles in size every minute after the first four minutes.  This is not an insignificant fact.  This means that after the first four minutes a fire grows exponentially.  Take a look at a typical growth curve and then think about what it means for commercial property loss:

 Fire Monitoring Growth Chart






This video visually demonstrates how quickly fire can spread:



How does ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Mitigate the Impact of Fire on Commercial Property Loss?

The longer a fire rages, the more opportunity it has to create significant damage to your commercial property.  Worse, it has a greater potential to injure people – either your own employees or co-workers or fire fighters who are responding to the scene.

ULC fire alarm monitoring ensures that the fire department can intervening in the earlier than if there was no fire alarm monitoring, or if an alarm was verified.  As fire grows exponentially, this can mean a fire department arriving when the fire is contained to one room versus two, or two versus four or four rooms versus 16.  The pattern is clear, and so is the important of early fire department intervention.

Use OPEN ACCESS™ fire alarm monitoring for even faster Response Times

Where available, OPEN ACCESS™ fire alarm monitoring can even further improve response times, which can even further mitigate the potential damaging impacts of fire.  OPEN ACCESS™ fire alarm monitoring electronically re-transmits fire alarm data directly to the appropriate fire department, ensuring the fastest notification time possible and data accuracy.  OPEN ACCESS™ meets all applicable fire code requirements for fire alarm monitoring, including CAN/ULC-S561, and has been independently proven to reduce fire department response times by almost two full minutes. Given what we know learned about fire growth, reducing the amount of time it takes for the fire department to intervene in the event of a fire will provide significant reductions in commercial property loss and personal injury.

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