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Ways Access Cards Can Increase Safety In Your Building

As a business owner, you have to protect your company from both external and internal threats, and an access control system can help boost that protection. Access cards are an electronic means of controlling & monitoring access to your office or building and are a great tool for mitigating the risk of unauthorized entry. Consider the sensitive and confidential information of your business or high-valued assets and equipment–how accessible are they currently? Whether it’s to restrict the access an employee has to a room, area or building, read on to discover how access control systems can increase your security.

Access Cards Increase Building Safety

Individually Programmed

When you choose access cards as part of your access control system, you’ll be able to program the entry cards for each individual employee. The benefits here are significant. For instance, you can grant different levels of access that reflect how much access to the building each employee needs to do his or her job. Your executives might get full access while other employees might have access limited to their work shift hours or the areas that they work in only.

Automatic Unlocking and Locking

An access control system that features access cards can also be configured to automatically unlock the doors of your commercial property when the shift begins as well as to automatically lock all the doors when the work day is over. What this will do is ensure that your property is always secure, even in cases of human error where an employee might forget to lock up or to activate the security system. To mitigate the chances of a system automatically unlocking when no one is on-site, you can even program an access control system to behave in a “first in unlock” scenario, where the system will not follow the unlocking schedule until an authorized card has entered the building.

Record Keeping

You can use access cards for record-keeping purposes. Specifically, such access control systems will enable you to keep track of who comes and goes to and from your commercial property as well as the precise time they entered and exited. What this means is that you’ll be able to narrow down the list of potential employees in the event that there’s some sort of problem that occurred over the course of any given day. This feature would be all the more effective if you pair it with a CCTV camera system that records people as they come and go, so that you can have a backup verification system if, for instance, someone uses the access card belonging to someone else.

If you don’t have an access control system that includes access cards, you’re missing out since such a system will increase the safety in your workplace and safeguard your business. While you can’t eliminate all the threats facing your business, you can reduce the odds of problems occurring. Access cards will help.

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