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What Is A Nurse Call System?

Nurse Call SystemNurse call systems, whether used in hospitals, assisted living centres, or rehabilitation facilities, are all about helping healthcare providers serve their patients more attentively and efficiently. These solutions, which use technology to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and those they serve, can improve responsiveness, levels of care, operational efficiency, and patient or client satisfaction.

Why Nurse Call Systems are Important

Nurse call systems can keep patients safe since they will be able to call for assistance when required. Whether patients need round-the-clock assistance or only need help now and then for certain tasks, these systems can give them peace of mind should they encounter a situation that they cannot handle independently, or if they have a health issue and need help. As for the service providers, these systems can help them to be more efficient and purposeful about how they go about their work and administer care. As healthcare facility administrators seek to increase the standard of care, nurse call systems are increasingly being seen as a way to meet this strategic objective.

Wireless Location Tracking in Nurse Call

As mentioned previously, Nurse call systems enable healthcare providers to provide extraordinary care to those living in their facilities through emergency pull stations, bed stations and more.. A key part of nurse call solutions is a real time location system (RTLS) that improves efficiency, and the ability of the care facility staff to provide care. In order to help care providers know where those in need are, wireless receivers are strategically placed throughout the facility, and residents can be provided their own location badges or emergency pendants.. Whenever the person moves, or the pendant is pressed, care staff will have information on who they are, where they might be and what special issues that person may have.

Data Recording and Logging

Many Nurse call systems also have the ability to provide specialized logging and tracking of incidents. With these systems, administrators can review the length of time it took them to get to where they were needed, and how much time they spent helping patients. . These systems can also be customized in the event that a situation or person requires healthcare providers with specific experience levels, providing specific notification to those who need it versus a general alarm or alert which then must be further diagnosed. These sorts of specialized automated notifications can decrease response time, which can speed care and potentially save lives.

With the wireless mobility functionality of such systems, administrators can integrate devices—sort like a bring-your-own-device system—based on the preferences of their healthcare providers. Wireless mobility, meanwhile, will permit workers to easily communicate across the facility and will lessen or entirely eliminate the necessity for overhead paging. Another important feature is the comprehensive reporting that we mentioned previously that allows administrators to gather data that they can then use to make further performance improvements and make the best use possible of their workforce.

Nurse call systems are just the technological solution to provide for the needs of people seeking care in healthcare facilities or in assisted living centres. Administrators need to assess their needs and then find the right system for their environment.

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