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York Regional Police – New Alarm Response Policy – Effective September 1, 2015

Fire Monitoring of Canada Logo with NameTo our customers currently serviced by York Regional Police:

As of SEPTEMBER 1st, 2015, York Regional Police will have an amended False Alarm program for monitored security alarm systems.  This program affects how your home or business security alarm system will be monitored and the fees associated with police dispatches as a result of false alarms.  The new Alarm Program is as follows:

  • FMC is to be registered as a Registered Monitoring Station with York Regional Police (this step will be completed once the paperwork is received from York Regional Police.)
  • Calls to York Regional Police to notify of alarms must be verified prior to their notification.  Examples of verification include:

o   two-way voice communication confirming a security breach; or

o   An activated Panic or Hold-up Alarm from the premise, no answer at the premise and not keypad deactivation; or

o   Video confirmation of a security breach; or

o   Established contact with the premises owner who confirms unauthorized activation of the premises alarm or a security breach; or

o   FMC has made contact with the premise owner or occupant and has verified the activation of the panic alarm and has confirmed an emergency on or in relation to the premise; or

o   FMC has identified the presence of cross-zone activation (two or more independant alarm devices activated) at the premises with no answer at the premise and no keypad veriifcation; or

Should FMC not be able to provide verification as detailed above, the alarm will be accepted at a lower priority response by York Regional Police, which may result in a delayed response.

Where calls for service are received directly from a resident or proprietor, and the call is determined to be a false alarm, the resident or proprietor shall be responsible for paying the false alarm fees.

Fees are as follows:

Service Fee*
At-Fault False Alarm $190.00
False Alarm Dispatch; cancelled en route $120.00

In order to mitigate these fees, FMC encourages you to review your current call list and put into place a procedure which is consistent with Enhanced Call Verification (ECV).  Details about Enhanced Call Verification can be viewed as one of the many options we detail in our article on How to Reduce False Alarms from your monitored system.

Please see more information on this please see York Regional Police’s website here:  http://www.yrp.ca/en/community/New-Alarm-Program.asp

York Regional Police also provides a handy set of alarm tips.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

 *fees are subject to administrative charges from FMC.

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