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How the Internet of Things Can Make Your Office More Efficient

The Internet of Things

There are plenty of ways that the workplace has evolved in recent years to revolutionize antiquated tasks and processes. Motion activated lights are a great way to improve energy efficiency, and the once bulky vending machine style coffee makers are now impressively small table-top units that can produce gourmet café beverages in a matter of seconds. What’s really gone the distance in improving efficiency, quality of life, and comfort in the workplace is the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Staying Connected to Your Home

The IoT might sound vague, but quite simply, it refers to the objects or devices in our every-day lives that are connected to a network. Many of us are used to these items in our homes; we’ve got lights and thermostats that can detect when we’re not around to conserve energy, or a lock on our front door that we can control with our smartphone from wherever we are to ensure that our home is secure when we’re not around. The Internet of Things has become relatively commonplace, thanks especially to the introduction of ‘smart-home assistants,’ in the form of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri. These hubs connect your devices and allow you to communicate with and control them easily.

Automate Your Office

The Internet of Things doesn’t just automate tasks in our home lives, it can make our days at work quite a bit more efficient as well. As the video below demonstrates, many tasks can be streamlined through the help of IoT. Sensors on printers and in waste baskets can help determine when toner needs to be refilled and garbage needs changing. Temperature readers in board rooms help regulate the temperature to make the building more energy efficient and comfortable, and smart-lights can be controlled remotely to ensure a light is never left on accidentally again.

The Internet of Things has become a major player in the security industry as well. As demonstrated in the above video, security cameras can now send their feed to authorized smart phones and tablets, keeping those with the appropriate clearance in the know, and updated about the goings on in their building. According to the Security Industry Association Security Megatrends “By 2020, Gartner [Inc.] expects cross-industry devices to reach 4.4 billion units worldwide, with vertical industry-specific devices at 3.2 billion in use.” This means that ubiquitous fixtures like smart lights and thermostats will be used nearly everywhere, while more specific smart devices like smart alarm systems and smart cameras may only be needed in more sensitive buildings and industries. Perhaps your business requires less of the creature comforts, but more security. Automated drones, alarm systems, and network connected, scalable access control systems might be right for you. The Internet of Things has even made it possible for you to remotely manage your servers, and correct issues in your building.

Connecting devices in your house to the Internet of Things is a great way to stay in control even when you’re not home. The same can be said of the office, in addition to streamlining and staying on top of smaller tasks. But the Internet of Things can also go a long way to secure your business and keep vital implements – like servers – functional even when no one is around to perform repairs. If you’re thinking about adding smart devices to your business, get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to help you take a load off.


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