Terms of Service

Our terms of service define the terms and conditions governing your use of our fire monitoring services. By accessing and utilizing our platform or services, you agree to comply with these terms. Ensuring a safe and effective fire monitoring experience for all. We encourage you to review these terms to understand the guidelines that contribute to a secure environment for fire safety across Canada.

  1. Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. is not an insurer and is not responsible in any way for loss and/or damages resulting from equipment failure, human error, or otherwise.
  2. Pricing provided is valid for 15 days from the date provided, beyond that, pricing may be revised.
  3. All equipment remains the property of Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. until payment is made in full.
  4. The Customer acknowledges that the alarm system described in the provided Project Scope is adequate and sufficient protection. The Customer has the right to request any additional protection at the FMC Inc.’s then current and usual rates for such additional protection. The Customer acknowledges that they have accepted the solution described in the Project Scope after consultation with their insurance company, the insurance underwriters, an independent alarm consultant, or any other individual the Customer may wish to consult.
  5. It is understood that the Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. is not an insurer and that the amounts payable hereinabove are based upon the value of the services and the scope of liability as herein set forth and are unrelated to the value of the Customer’s property or the property of others located in the Customer’s premise. If Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. should be found liable for loss, damage, injury or death due to the failure of service or equipment in any respect, its liability shall be limited to the annual value of the services provided as agreed upon damages and not as a penalty, as the exclusive remedy. The provisions of this paragraph shall apply if loss, damage injury or death irrespective of cause or origin, results directly or indirectly to person or property from performance or non-performance of obligations imposed by this agreement or from negligence, active or otherwise, of the Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc., its agents or employees.
  6. A deposit in the amount presented with the proposal or a Letter of Credit from a Canadian banking
    institution representing the total quotation amount, is required in order to schedule your installation. Letters of Credit shall be returned following Customer’s full payment for the services prescribed in this proposal.

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