Alarm Monitoring Systems for High-Rise Properties

The safety of the residents in a high-rise building is paramount and top-of-mind with many property management companies. FMC specializes in designing and installing collaborative systems. Bringing together all of your fire alarm, security, monitoring, CCTV, and access control systems in order to achieve effective occupant safety and security.

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Customized Residential Solutions

By implementing a robust fire, security, and alarm monitoring system in a high-rise residential building, we can significantly improve the safety and protection of both residents and guests. These types of buildings typically have a high volume of traffic at all times. As a result, require heightened visibility and control to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

As part of the Fire Code and Building Code, high-rise residential buildings are required to have fire alarm monitoring services. A monitored fire alarm system ensures that the fire department is always dispatched upon fire alarm activation. In any case, allowing occupants to focus on the safe evacuation of the building.

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Fire Alarm Systems

The fire alarm system is a crucial part of the life safety plan for your building. Providing detection and notification of fire and other emergencies. Our CFAA-trained technicians can install, service and inspect your fire alarm system. Ensuring proper operation, meeting the needs of all applicable building and fire codes.

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Security Alarm Systems

A security alarm system is designed to keep non-public or occupancy scheduled spaces within your high-rise safe and protected. Our team will design and install a customized security solution that is scalable, easy to use, and ideal for your building’s needs.

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Intrusion Monitoring

Installing intrusion alarm monitoring ensures that trained operators are overseeing the security events that may occur at your property, and responding to them quickly and efficiently.

Intrusion Monitoring

Access Control Systems

Building security is a major focus for many condo and apartment buildings. Especially in mixed-use scenarios that include office or retail spaces. A properly planned access control solution can provide a plethora of benefits while reducing costs and liability issues. As a result, allowing your tenants to enjoy peace of mind.

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CCTV Video Surveillance

Our talented team will design a customized security camera system for your building’s unique needs. This design will strategically place the right type of cameras throughout the building to provide a complete system that can capture footage of events inside and outside of the building.

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Intercom Systems

Building intercoms are important communication systems that can help you manage security, deliveries, and building visitors. FMC will work with you to find the best Intercom solution that will ensure security, improve overall building operations, and make your tenants’ lives easier.

Elevator Monitoring

Elevator monitoring allows for elevator occupants to connect with our 24/7/365 monitoring station in the event of an emergency. Additionally, through collaboration with access control, specific floors can be unlocked based on the presented credential. This can also be applied to situations where a credential is needed to call the elevator and/or grant access to certain floors based on that card holder’s access level.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our customized systems work in tandem with many BMSs to control HVAC, lighting, energy, fire and elevator solutions. Thus providing an immediate return on investment by greatly reducing energy consumption and operating costs. As well as providing control from one centrally managed system.

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