Fire and Security Monitoring For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are a pillar of any community, providing care to those who need it the most. As a result, fire, security and monitoring systems play a critical role within the infrastructure of the building. While also providing devices to patients and staff that allow them to contribute to creating a safe and secure environment. FMC specializes in fire and security monitoring for healthcare facilities just like the one in your community.

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Customized Healthcare Fire & Security Solutions

The nature of the healthcare industry poses unique fire, security, and life safety challenges. From staff and patient safety to safeguarding medical records, fire and life safety issues are a top priority. We offer expertise in the area of healthcare for fire, security, and monitoring solutions. Helping to manage risk and enhance physical and digital security. Through collaboration with our customers on design needs, we can provide solutions and smart tools to streamline and enhance your security and life safety operations.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

FMC’s fire alarm monitoring solutions are CAN/ULC-SFMC’s fire alarm monitoring solutions are CAN/ULC-S561 compliant. Additionally, these systems are responsible for transmitting fire alarm signals from your healthcare facility to our ULC-Listed Signals Receiving Centre (SRC).

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Fire Alarm System

A compliant fire alarm system is a critical component of any healthcare facility, and it is instrumental in protecting your patients, staff, and administrators. Our compliant and reliable solutions will provide peace of mind and allow your facility to meet Building and Fire Code requirements.

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Intrusion Alarm System

To address these security challenges in healthcare facilities, we will work with your team to create a reliable intrusion alarm system. Our team understands that it is critical to create and maintain a safe and secure environment within healthcare facilities for all patients, staff, and visitors.

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Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

By adding intrusion alarm monitoring to your security system, you can add another level of security to your facility. Our trained and experienced SRC Operators are working around the clock to ensure that the proper authorities are alerted and dispatched in the event of a security alarm.

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Nurse Call Systems

Regardless of the type of healthcare facility, we can install a reliable nurse call solution that allows your patients to contact their healthcare professional quickly. There are countless devices available, making it possible to create customized solutions for your unique needs.

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Access Control Systems

FMC’s access control solutions can have a positive impact on your healthcare facility’s security by controlling staff and patient traffic, restricting access to specific areas. Additionally, these systems are instrumental in identifying breaches and notifying facility security and management to respond promptly and effectively.

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Security Camera Systems

A security camera system can be an important tool to protect hospital patients and staff, and provide visual evidence that can be used to provide general observations, visual identification of events, and deter false alarm claims. All video solutions designed and installed by FMC will come equipped with remote access. Allowing you to access camera footage remotely from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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“FMC is efficient and swift on their responses in a worst-case scenario. We would highly recommend them for this reason alone.”
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