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Whether your facility requires a standalone alarm system or you are looking for a customized solution that brings together some combination of fire alarm, monitoring system, CCTV, access control and security systems, FMC can provide a comprehensive solution that provides the protection and privacy needed at City and Government facilities.

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Customized Fire, Security, and Monitoring Systems

FMC has a wealth of experience working with many different levels of government, including different municipalities, regions, counties, and other government agencies to assist them in keeping these buildings and their occupants safe and secure. Employee and public safety is one of the most important areas of concern for government Facility Management. At FMC, our approach will assess your facility’s unique needs and build a customized solution to help you to achieve your building’s specific goals, such as improved life safety, controlling access to specific areas of the building, or capturing video footage that is triggered by a specific event. Using a collaborative approach, FMC can provide you with one central platform to automate, combine, and control security system functions, contributing to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

FMC installs, monitors and services fire alarm and fire sprinkler monitoring systems which are compliant with CAN/ULC-S561. Using a ULC-listed fire alarm monitoring transmitter which is connected to each facility’s fire sprinkler or fire alarm system, allows FMC to notify the fire department in the event of an alarm. Working with your Fire Department, FMC can also electronically deliver fire alarm information directly to the fire dispatch centre using OPEN ACCESS™. OPEN ACCESS™ has been shown to reduce fire department response times by up to 2 minutes, reducing potential damage and loss of life.

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Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Systems combine the functions of a control panel and the fire alarm devices within your government or municipal building. When activated, this system works to alert building occupants of a fire in the building.

In addition to fire alarm installation and service, FMC’s team of CFAA-Certified Technicians can perform annual inspections and testing to conform with CAN/ULC-S536 to ensure compliance and identify deficiencies.

Additionally, as mentioned above, FMC offers fire alarm monitoring solutions that are ideal for Government buildings. This ULC-S561 compliant solution ensures that the Fire Department is notified of your alarm, allowing you to focus on the safety of building occupants.

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Intrusion Alarm System

An intrusion alarm system is an important component of a government building’s safety. FMC’s talented Customer Service and Technical team will work with you to identify a security solution that meets the needs of your unique building.

With the addition of intrusion monitoring, your security system will transmit alarm signals to our Signals Receiving Centre. Once received, our trained dispatch Operators will respond to these alarms using a predetermined action pattern determined by you and your Customer Service Representative(s).

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Intrusion Monitoring

Intrusion alarm monitoring provides an extra layer of protection through the use of trained dispatch operators.  These operators will monitor the security events at your facility and respond to them using specific response guidelines that you determine.

Intrusion Monitoring

CCTV Video Surveillance

FMC’s custom-designed security camera systems are ideal for Government and Municipal buildings. Whether you need to capture footage that is triggered by a specific event or 24/7 video surveillance, our systems will provide you with the coverage you are looking for.

With the addition of professional remote video monitoring, FMC can provide you with surveillance of your building in real-time. This allows for immediate response and engagement to deter crime, protect your building and assets, and reduce false alarms.

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Access Control Systems

A properly designed Access Control solution will improve a building’s security system while also providing additional benefits such as reducing costs and liability issues. FMC’s Access Control solutions can provide government staff with differing levels of security clearance within the building, and across different buildings. Access Control can ensure that only those authorized for access in specific locations can gain entrance, all while managing the access to these sites from a central location or shared management software.

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Building Management System

To address overall building efficiencies and reduce operating costs, FMC can connect with your building’s BMS system to help you better manage your lighting and HVAC systems among many others.

FMC can connect with many BMS systems to control HVAC, lighting, energy, fire and elevator solutions. This can be effective in improving energy consumption initiatives and reducing overall operating costs.

“The installation was quick, professional and completed well ahead of schedule.  The installer was knowledgeable and explained the operation of the new system in detail.”

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