Alarm Monitoring Systems for Commercial Properties

Today’s commercial properties are complex facilities with a variety of uses and functions. Through collaborative systems that bring together integration between fire alarm, security, monitoring, CCTV and access control systems, commercial properties can achieve extensive life safety coverage as well as increased building efficiency.

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Customized Commercial Solutions

Fire alarm, security system, alarm monitoring, CCTV, and access control systems are instrumental tools to help building operators create a safe working environment for both employees and customers. With a customized alarm monitoring solution, your life safety goals can be achieved and you can rest assured knowing that your staff, building, and assets are secure.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring works in tandem with your fire alarm system to transmit your alarm signals to a Signals Receiving Centre (SRC). Once at the SRC, a trained operator notifies the proper authorities. This allows you to focus on ensuring that the occupants of your building evacuate quickly and safely.

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Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system acts as a single control point for the fire detection devices in the building, such as smoke, heat, and flame detectors. Through the control panel, information is relayed between devices to alert building occupants of a potential fire.


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Security Alarm Systems

A commercial security alarm system is an important component of your building’s life safety. A customized security solution utilizes the ideal technology your building needs to work seamlessly to keep your building secure.

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Intrusion Monitoring

Professionally administered intrusion system monitoring allows trained operators to oversee security events at your property and respond quickly in an effort to protect your business and property.

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CCTV Video Surveillance

A video surveillance solution is an effective way to keep your commercial building safe. A professionally designed and installed security camera system is shown to deter crime and plays an important role in documenting security breaches at your facility.

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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring systems can help protect your commercial building from burglary, fire, and other emergencies by ensuring that the proper authorities are notified in the event of an alarm.

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