Educational Facilities

Students, faculty, and staff deserve to feel safe and secure within the schools they attend. FMC is experienced in creating diverse and customized fire, security, and alarm monitoring for educational facilities that work to create a positive and safe environment in which to work and learn.

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Keeping Schools Safe & Secure

Schools, universities, and other educational facilities are vulnerable to several different safety risks. Theft, vandalism, and fire are all concerns that many of our educational institutions experience every day. FMC’s ability to offer access control, security camera solutions, and fire alarm monitoring for educational facilities offers ideal protection against many of the threats faced by students and faculty. We realize how important school safety is and will work to keep your educational facilities a safe place to be.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Safety is the best policy and when it comes to your educational facility; you want to feel secure in knowing that your students, staff and faculty are in a safe environment. It is critical that all schools be equipped with fire alarm monitoring systems to help keep the occupants safe, and protect the building itself. As part of ULC-S561, fire alarm monitoring works to ensure that the fire department is called quickly every time the alarm sounds in the building, allowing teachers and administrators to focus on the expedient evacuation of the building.

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Fire Alarm Systems

A quality fire alarm system isn’t just a must for peace of mind, it is a critical addition to any educational facility to protect faculty, staff, and students. FMC provides reliable fire alarm system solutions to help you meet your municipal and provincial building and fire code requirements, and help keep your students safe.

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Intrusion Alarm Systems

The security challenges faced by today’s educational facilities are constantly evolving, making a safe and secure environment the priority for many schools and learning institutions. FMC will work with you to provide an efficient, reliable security system to help ensure that students, teachers, and visitors feel safe and secure on-site.

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Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

By adding intrusion alarm monitoring, you are adding a vital layer of coverage to your intrusion alarm system. Whenever the school’s alarm system is armed, our experienced and trained SRC Operators will ensure that the proper keyholders, security guards, or police are notified in the event of an alarm.

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Panic Button Systems

Panic buttons are an increasing trend at many educational facilities, and are an effective tool to use to quickly notify responders of an incident. FMC staff will work with you to identify the right type of panic device for your unique needs.

Access Control Systems

Schools are challenged by the fact that multiple access points can be used by unwanted intrusion. FMC can design an access control solution that can control access to specific areas while also notifying security or administrators of any security system breaches or other issues that may arise.  These systems also enable administrators to evoke lockdown functionality in an emergency.

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Security Camera Systems

Adding a security camera system to a school’s overall security plan is an excellent way to help reduce many common challenges they experience including bullying, theft, trespassing, violence, and absenteeism.

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“FMC provides up to date, comprehensive solutions for our security system requirements, and is quick to respond to any situations requiring additional attention.”

School Board Representative