5 Critical Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Nurse Call System

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Nurse Call Systems have become an increasingly important feature in healthcare facilities across the country. Particularly pertinent in critical care facilities, Nurse Call Systems allow patients to receive care from a nurse at a moment’s notice. But is your call system working as efficiently as it should? If you aren’t sure or if you are in the market for a new product, consider some of these important questions regarding why you should update your system today.


Benefits of Nurse Call Systems

One-third of all hospitals and care facilities in Ontario rely on out-of-date technology and Nurse Call Systems that are at least nine years old. The problem with using an old system is that it puts patients at risk of inadequate care due to an inefficient system and puts the facility at risk of a complete system failure. Installing a new call system eliminates both of these potential risks. Having the correct tools takes added stress off staff that already work in a demanding environment.

Five Critical Questions:

It is not for lack of interest that many healthcare facilities are still using their old Nurse Call Systems. Many facilities have set aside a significant budget to invest in an upgrade. The roadblock to fulfilling this intention is knowing what kind of system is right for you.

1. Does a Nurse Call System track patient care?

The biggest issue with the Nurse Call Systems used in the past is their inability to confirm whether care has been delivered to a patient. This problem creates inconsistent care and lack of cohesiveness in providing effective clinical treatment to patients.

Your system should be able to ensure accountability and performing this task is the most significant development that modern systems can provide. If the system your facility is using does not allow you to track, monitor, measure, or even assess a patient’s bedside care, you are missing out on a significant opportunity to impact clinical outcomes in your healthcare facility.

Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. Nurse Call Systems are ideal for:

  • Hospitals
  • Retirement communities
  • Long-term care facilities

2. Does it use the latest technology?

Advances in Nurse Call technology means new and better care options for you.

According to Health Facilities Management magazine, “Nurse Call Systems are becoming more intuitive and easier to use, with specialized options that allow nurses to give more personalized care.” This means that call systems have developed beyond being just life-saving technology; they also allow nurses to collect and share data, making the care patients are receiving increasingly more thorough and standardized.

Installing a call system that harnesses the latest technology should be a priority. Ask yourself, is the system you are using built for healthcare in the past, or is it embracing the future?

Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. Nurse Call Systems provide:

  • Nurse call
  • Bed call
  • Bathroom call
  • Wireless solutions
  • Wandering patient
  • And much more

3. Can it turn data into action?

The Hospitals and Health Care Network has suggested that advances in Nurse Call Systems have effectively put patients in control of their care and recovery as “the latest advances in nurse communication systems enable streamlined, customized communication among patients, clinicians, and caregivers to enhance patient satisfaction and improve quality of care.”

Obtaining data is a critical element within the healthcare industry, and it is vital that all technology that is adopted can collect, organize, and maintain data records. When it comes to monitoring an individual’s health, the more information you can manage and analyze, the better services you will be providing. By updating your system, the increased amount of collected data will surely drive improvements in patient care, adjustments to clinical workflow, and the evaluation of clinician performance.

4. Is it clinically centered?

Most Nurse Call Systems on the market fit the bill when it comes to meeting clinical standards. However, you want to ensure your product is not designed from a technological point of view but will actually be a product that will accelerate healthcare in your facility. Make sure the call service you invest in has been tested against hospital conditions and that real nurses or physicians have aided in its design.

5. Who responds to your calls?

When you require service or assistance with your Nurse Call System, highly trained, knowledgeable professionals from Fire Monitoring Canada Inc. will be there to answer your call. We pride ourselves on being a single point of contact for meeting customer needs. When you choose to purchase a product from Fire Monitoring Canada Inc., you are getting an entire support team at your disposal. We promise to provide a clear understanding of what ongoing service and support will look like and if there are ever any issues with your product, we will provide reliable and user-friendly solutions to any problem.

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