5 Devices That Can Help ‘Smarten’ Up Your Business

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

In discussions about modern workplaces, concepts like the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) dominate our attention. However, we often neglect the individual devices crucial for making workplaces more efficient and secure, that’s why we’ve outlined our top 5 devices that can help ‘smarten’ up your business.

Enhancing Efficiency and Security

Today’s office environment boasts an array of tools, enhancing job satisfaction and organization. These devices not only streamline tasks but also enhance office security, preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. With numerous devices designed to ease your work life, we’ve compiled a list of intriguing ones to bring your workplace into the twenty-first century.

Explore our top 5 Devices That Can Help ‘Smarten’ Up Your Business

5. Hardware Encrypted Storage

This device caters to the security enthusiast in us. Often, when saving data to an external hard drive, we forget to encrypt files, risking unauthorized access. Hardware-encrypted hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD) like these eliminate guesswork by adding a physical pin-pad directly to the drive. This makes it impossible for someone to access the data without the code—an extra layer of security for your external storage.

4. People Counter

Looking to make your retail workplace smarter? People Counter offers accurate indoor counting with easy-to-read analytics, tracking people entering and leaving your store. It provides valuable data for loss prevention and identifies peak performance hours. Bi-directional counting ensures an accurate read on high-traffic times, allowing you to manage smarter. The system generates easy-to-read reports through Microsoft Excel and can be checked via an onsite CCTV system, providing a video record in case of incidents.

3. IP Speaker System

An IP (Internet Protocol) Speaker System offers features surpassing your current speaker setup. Integrated into your VOIP system, it allows separate paging and delivery of specific audio to as few or as many speakers as needed. Ideal for various workplaces, from schools to hospitals, it provides flexibility in audio control. Even smaller offices can benefit, using the IP Speaker System for scheduled messages or notifications to specific groups. Different areas of a business can play different music, making audio control in your building incredibly flexible.

See how Axis Communications explains this concept in this informative video.


2. Smart Thermostat and Sensors

Is your office feeling a bit too warm? A smart thermostat can help you regulate temperatures, allowing you to program comfort for specific times of the day. Adding temperature sensors lets you monitor the temperature of specific rooms, preventing uncomfortable situations. Smart thermostats like Ecobee 4, Nest Thermostat, and Honeywell Comfort System enable temperature adjustments over the internet and provide maintenance or repair notifications.

1. Network Connected Security Cameras

Lastly, having a video record of who accesses your property is crucial for any business. Security cameras serve as a preventative measure, and with features like those offered by the Hikvision Performance series, detecting unauthorized individuals becomes easier. Cloud services, such as those from our partners at Alarm.com, allow you to check security footage from anywhere via a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Let’s bring your workspace into the digital age with these 5 devices that can help ‘smarten’ up your business today!

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