A Guide to Modern Alarm Monitoring Systems

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Security systems in Canada have become more advanced, comprehensive, and user-friendly. Alarm monitoring systems help protect your property from burglary, fire, and other emergencies. Here are some other new updates to be aware of when you are exploring alarm monitoring upgrades:

Integrated Automation Systems

Beyond alarm monitoring, security systems have become more and more integrated with automation. Not only can you control your locks and arm your alarms through your cell phone, but you even have access to your video feeds, if you have a video monitoring system. Modern smart technology also offers instant control over your lighting and thermostat, which allows you to measure and track your energy usage over long periods of time.

The Best of Modern Security Technology

Since technology continues to develop faster than security companies can keep up, cutting-edge technology is available at much more affordable prices than ever before. Some alarm systems use infrared cameras, motion-sensors, voice activation and control, and card-access security. A decade ago, these technologies would seem surreal, but the affordability of modern gadgets has revolutionized the security industry and made such technology accessible for all.

App-Based Control

App-based control systems accessed from your cell phone, tablet, or computer have become the dominant way to control your security system. Not only is it simple and user-friendly to download an app and sync it with your hardware, but it is affordable and accessible to almost anyone with a smart device.. The future of security continues to trend towards app-based controls, allowing for unmatched customization of each monitoring system for individual users.

24/7 Live Video

Whether you monitor your video cameras over a closed circuit or on your cell phone, modern video monitoring technology makes it easy to keep an eye on your video feeds from anywhere with internet. These video monitoring systems offer 24/7 access, so you can outfit your property with video cameras and monitor it at all times. Not only does this offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is safe, but if there is an emergency, your alarm system will catch it and alert the necessary first-responders.

Advanced Camera Technology

Camera technology has seen a massive increase in quality over the last decade. Not only are cameras being integrated into smart devices like cell phones and tablets, but independent video cameras can offer 360 degrees of sight with unmatched detail. Some video monitoring systems are also outfitted with audio recorders, so you can capture the video and audio recording inside and outside your property. For larger industrial properties or massive residential areas, drone technology has also been used to maintain security. Finally, all of this video footage can now be stored in cloud-based systems, offering more storage capacity than ever before. Since this technology has become more affordable, it is easier to add these features to alarm systems, making your security technology more interactive.

Sustainable Solutions

Modern alarm systems are often paired with climate control and lighting control features that allow for ultimate customization. You can automate your lighting and thermostat systems to your personal preferences. These systems also allow you to track your energy usage from an app on your phone, so you can monitor how much energy you are using and pinpoint when you are wasting energy. For both residential and commercial uses, this valuable data can help reduce energy waste and spend.

The Future of Security Systems

While alarm monitoring systems offer a variety of features that would have been impossible even a decade ago, these systems will continue to develop as technology becomes more affordable, accessible, and intuitive. Below are a few features that are likely to be the focus of new developments in security technology.

  1. Facial Recognition

Cameras on phones and computers are already being outfitted with facial recognition software, and it is only a matter of time before security systems adopt facial recognition as a key feature for residential and commercial use. By using facial recognition technology, you will—hypothetically—be able to program authorized users into your system.

  1. Customized Automation

Two overwhelming trends in every industry are the push towards customization and automation. Everyone who uses a security system wants it tailored to their own needs, which is why current systems are open for customization. Once you are able to choose exactly which features you use, how you use them, and how they interact with other features, you can automate your preferences.

  1. Enhanced Compatibility

As we have seen with the mass production of smart devices, the secret to successful technology is being compatible with multiple systems across all of your devices. Consumers want their alarm system to be compatible with their video monitoring and environmental controls, which is already a reality. As more and more features are added to smart security technology, app-based controls will be the norm.

  1. Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-based storage offers unmatched storage capacity. While storage has been a struggle with modern devices for the better part of a decade, cloud-based storage and other digital storage entities will allow the average consumer unlimited storage of their data, which will facilitate customization and automation. As these systems become more affordable, accessible, and widespread in both residential and commercial use, the importance of unlimited storage capacity will continue to grow.

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