How to Check a Trouble on Honeywell Vista Alarm Panel Keypad

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Honeywell Vista Security Alarm System KeypadIn this tech tip, we’ll look at how to check and acknowledge a trouble on the keypad of a Honeywell Vista Alarm Monitoring Panel.  You can use this tip if you use your Honeywell Alarm Monitoring system at home or for your business or commercial security alarm system.  Occasionally, conditions may arise that cause a ‘trouble’ condition on the keypad. Trouble conditions are wide ranging and can be anything from a low battery to a power failure to a communications failure.  This will cause the word “CHECK” to appear on the Honeywell Alarm System Keypad, with a corresponding Zone number. If you encounter a trouble condition on your alarm system that you cannot clear, please call our service department, and we will help resolve the issue.

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Here are step-by-step instructions on how to check and acknowledge a trouble on the keypad of a DSC Power Series Alarm Monitoring Panel on your DSC Power Series security alarm panel, and how to silence that beep:

How to Check a Trouble Condition on a Honeywell Vista Alarm Monitoring Panel Keypad

  • Any beeping which accompanies a Trouble Condition can be silences by entering your user code followed by the “OFF” button.
  • Check the zones indicated for issues and correct any problems you see. If unsure, contact our monitoring station. If you have wireless sensors, ensure environmental conditions aren’t an issue. If the problem is corrected, clear the display by entering the OFF sequence (security code plus OFF key) twice. If the display persists, contact our service department.

The following trouble conditions could also be present on the alarm system. If they are present, please call for service:

    • COMM FAILURE (or FC): A problem with the telephone line which is communicating alarms to our monitoring station
    • SYSTEM LO BAT: A system Low battery condition is present, and the back-up battery on the system will need to be changed by an FMC Security Technician.
    • LO BAT + Zone: A Low Battery Condition Exists on the Zone Described. Users can change many wireless sensors, but if unsure, please call our service department.
    • RCVR JAM: The wireless receiver is experience difficulty communicating with the devices installed in your property.
    • ALARM 1xx FAULT 1xx CHECK 1xx (Or CHECK 90): Indicates a communications fault with the device listed
    • MODEM COMM (or 91): Indicates that FMC is currently connected with the system remotely.
    • BELL FAILURE (or CHECK 70): Indicates a wiring issue with the external sounder/siren
    • AC LOSS (Or NO AC): Indicates the system is operating on Battery Power due to a lack of AC power to the system.
    • Busy-STANDYBY (Or dl): Indicates the system is disabled. If this displays for more than 1 minute, contact FMC’s service department.
    • OPEN CIRCUIT (or OC): The Keypad is not communicating with the main control panel.
    • Long Rng Trbl (or bF): If installed, there is an issue with long-range communication
    • TELCO FAULT (Or CHECK 94): The telephone line has a problem.


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This tip is applicable for the following alarm panels:

  • Honeywell Vista 10
  • Honeywell Vista 15
  • Honeywell Vista 20
  • Honeywell Vista 32

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