3 Ways To Get More From Your Security Camera System

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Advancements in technology have changed the way we do almost everything, and security is no exception. Traditional security cameras, access control, and security alarm systems offer protection from an intrusion, but today they are capable of so much more. We’ve outlined 3 ways to get more from your security camera system below.

Keep an Eye on Your Building at All Times

In today’s world, it is common for a Property Manager to oversee multiple buildings in different locations.  As a result, smart phones and tablets are an important component of their mobile office.  Mobile access and management of video, access, and security alarm systems can give Property Managers the flexibility they need to do their jobs.

Today, almost every security camera manufacturer has an app for their equipment that will allow you to monitor your building or property’s cameras from anywhere.  This is ideal for the Property Manager that is on the go and can’t always be at their building or facility.  Through a mobile app, you can access high-quality video, streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet while you’re away from your property.  Video monitoring can allow you to check in on your business with live and/or recorded video from anywhere.


  • Receive video clips of security events as they happen so you can react quickly.
  • Use live video to check in on vulnerable areas in your facility such as stock rooms, delivery doors, and safes.
  • Review recorded or archived video for evidence of crime, training staff, or ensuring procedures are followed.
  • Assist first responders by sharing video clips of incidents.

Work Smarter with Video Analytics

The application of video analytics to your security camera system can help make it more efficient, reduce workload for you and your staff, and increase the value of your system by performing more intelligently.

A properly installed video analytics system will take the pressure of needing to monitor your video footage around the clock to catch an incident by now alerting you to specific activities that you have identified as important.  This allows you to focus on other tasks in your day, knowing you will only be notified in real-time when a specific event takes place.

Video analytics can help take your ability to monitor your security cameras to the next level and make decisions based on real-time data and information.  For example, video analytics has the ability to distinguish people from animals or vehicles, and identify unusual events from routine activity.  Through analytics, you can receive a video notification if someone lingers in a restricted area too long, or when a car enters a parking lot after hours.  All of these applications help to make sure that you and your staff are making the most of your valuable time, while also giving you the tools to make quick and efficient security decisions.


  • Motion detection
  • Facial recognition and license plate reading
  • People counting and loiter time monitoring
  • Recognizing long lines at check out and sending alerts

Integrate with Your Security System

Your security camera system can give you more when it is integrated with other aspects of your security system.  Through integration, you can get an automatic video clip when someone disarms your security system, unlocks the doors, or sets off the alarm.  An integrated system can ensure that you receive notifications on what is important to you such as, what time are staff arriving and leaving each day?  Did someone try to access an unauthorized area of your facility?  Are people loitering in front of your building and deterring customers?  Through integration, you can collect a wealth of information that you can use to improve your building’s security and efficiency.

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