Guide to Thermal Security Cameras

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Thermal cameras are a great detection tool that displays images based on the heat that radiates from an object, vehicle, or person.  The use of thermal cameras provides a whole new dimension to security monitoring by giving you the ability to see heat, as opposed to relying on what is plainly visible.  Most things typically emit enough heat to be detected by a thermal camera regardless of the conditions or surroundings. The use of thermal cameras makes hiding and/or hoping to be disguised by your surroundings by the elements nearly impossible.  Additionally, thermal cameras reduce the risk of false alarms by focusing on sources of heat instead of objects in motion. Motion by itself can lead to false alarms as is often found when objects such as trees, are blowing in the wind. Here’s our guide to thermal security cameras:

Advantages of Thermal Cameras

Immune to Visible Limitations

The primary advantage of thermal cameras is allowing you to see what your eyes won’t typically pick up. This being, invisible heat radiation from objects and people.  Today, security cameras have become a staple in almost all facility security integrations, and they are relied on to produce quality images to assist in mitigating crime and apprehending criminals.  Thermal cameras provide incredible coverage in challenging conditions such as:

  • Low-Light scenarios
  • Heavily wooded areas
  • Circumstances of inclement weather such as fog

Return on Investment (ROI)

image of thermal camera perimeter detectionAdditionally, thermal cameras can prove to be a cost-effective investment based on their ability to reduce a facility’s number of false alarms.  By being able to decipher between a potential criminal prowling around your perimeter versus debris crossing your property during a storm; thermal cameras can help you determine the appropriate course of action.

Today’s thermal cameras are also much more cost-effective than they once were.  As technology has improved drastically since their inception, these systems are much more accessible and useful.  When you combine their low cost with their ability to keep a location safe and secure, earning your ROI can happen quite quickly.  Additionally, due to their exceptional performance in low visibility situations, they often require a smaller investment due to fewer cameras needing to be used.

Measuring Temperature

Thermal imaging is also a valuable tool for fire prevention and detection when paired with your fire alarm system. The imaging capabilities of thermal cameras can detect hot spots, which your fire alarm system devices may not identify until they become more engaged.When you are able to identify a hot spot early, you can take action before a fire becomes fully involved.

Additionally, thermal cameras give you the ability to monitor room temperature.  This functionality is incredibly useful when certain areas of your building must maintain specific temperatures, sending out alerts based on pre-programmed directives.

These capabilities are ideal for any industry or building where goods and materials, susceptible to self-combustion, are in use.

Common Applications

  • Solar Farms – Identify problems due to overheating electrical components, and complete maintenance through temperature regulation.
  • Fire Detection – See through smoke filled areas and identify dangerous hot spots.
  • Perimeter Security – See through darkness, foliage, weather and other conditions to track would-be thieves
  • Border Security – Provide 24/7/365 coverage against illegal activities regardless of time of day or conditions.

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