Enable & Disable Keypad Chime on Honeywell Vista Panel

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

In these regular posts, we’ll walk you through “How-To’s” for equipment that we service, and questions that we are regularly asked from you, our customers.

Honeywell Vista KeypadToday we’ll show you how to enable and disable the chime function on keypads for Honeywell Vista Security Alarm Panels.  A “chime” is the “beep” you hear on whenever specific door are opened or closed.

  • Enter the security code followed by the chime button (9) on the keypad
  • Turns chime on, or off
  • Chime mode can only be accessed when the system is disarmed

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 This tip is applicable for the following alarm panels:

  • Any Honeywell Vista Security Alarm Panels (Vista 10, Vista 15, Vista 20, Vista 32, Vista 128)