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  • Why You Need Video Surveillance For Your Business

    Safety is a priority for any business owner, and having CCTV camera video surveillance is a surefire way to increase the security of your property. While many people choose to invest in security alarm monitoring, sometimes security alarm monitoring doesn’t satisfy all of your security needs — however, bolstering your alarm system with the addition ...
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  • 3 Ways To Get More From Your Security Camera System

    3 ways to get more from your security camera system header image
    Advancements in technology have changed the way we do almost everything, and security is no exception.  Traditional security cameras, access control, and security alarm systems offer protection from an intrusion, but today they are capable of so much more. Keep an Eye on Your Building at All Times In today’s world, it is common for ...
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  • How Video Verification Improves Security Camera Systems

    What Is Video Verification? When it comes to securing your business, FMC’s video verification adds an additional layer of protection by delivering alarm event video clips to our Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) along with your PC or Smartphone. Video verification service is an excellent option for your building.  Through I-View Now, FMC removes the guess ...
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  • How Security Monitoring Can Improve Your Access Control System

    As a building owner or operator, you know you can’t be in all places at all times.  Although with an integrated security system that utilizes security cameras, intrusion detection, and access control, you can protect your business 24/7/365, where your busy schedule would not have allowed in the past.  How you ask? The integrated monitoring ...
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  • 5 Security Benefits of Biometrics

    header image of security and biometrics
    The effective use of biometrics can be a powerful piece of a facility’s access control system.  At its core, biometrics use human characteristics to confirm their identity, and can improve security while alleviating issues related to lost or stolen passwords. At one time, biometrics were security features only seen in James Bond style movies, however, ...
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Testimonial & Case Study

  • "Fire Monitoring of Canada impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but resolved existing service issues with another alarm service provider." - Administrative Coordinator
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  • "Their monitoring & service personnel are knowledgeable, helpful and responsible." - Facilities Manager
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  • "The FMC technician was exceptionally professional in the performance of his duties. He was very organized, focused, safety minded" - Asset Manager
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