Get More From Your Security Cameras with Video Analytics

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Video analytics can be an important resource that will allow you to maximize the value and efficiency of your Security Camera System, while freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business. Get More from your Security Cameras with Video Analytics, here’s how.

What Are Video Analytics?

Simply put, they are parameters added to your Security Camera System via built-in camera or software analytics which allow the system to analyze video and determine if pre-established events are occurring in live video, or have occurred in recorded video.  Video analytics assists your Security Camera System to operate more efficiently by alerting users to real-time events, and reduce the amount of work involved in managing your searches.  It achieves this by making your camera system act more intelligently in its work.

How Does Video Analytics Work?

Video analytics software are both similar and different depending on the manufacturer. Many have the same basic set of analytics, while others build upon that base set to introduce more sophisticated triggers. In order for your analytics to be optimized, the criteria you establish needs to be set up correctly. That way the system’s alerts and search analysis will work for your needs.

For example, many businesses use Security Camera Systems to detect motion in their locations after hours.  Through your analytics, you can set your system to only alert you of motion during specific times or in specific areas of your building.  A quick response may help you react effectively to an intrusion or accident.

How Video Analytics Can Help You

cctv video camera looking at parking lotVideo analytics can replace the costly model of a security guard viewing live footage of your cameras around the clock.  This software can alert you to activity so that you only need to watch the cameras when something specific happens.  This will help you save time and effort in managing your Security Camera System.  This software can be used for:

  • Detection of motion or smoke.
  • Facial recognition and license plate reading.
  • People counting and loitering time monitoring.
  • Recognizing long lines at checkouts and sending alerts.
  • Search video footage for specific events.
  • Alert you of alarms through email or text.
  • Separate routine activity from unfamiliar events.

Choosing a Security Camera System that is equipped with video analytics will increase the value of your system by reducing the workload for you and your staff. Ultimately making your security and operations more efficient, and providing you with valuable data to help you make better security decisions.

An Invaluable Tool

Video analytics have evolved to become an invaluable tool when used with your Security Camera System.  Originally, video analytics relied on an algorithm to interpret changes to a pixel-based system. Today, video analytics operates in a data-driven manner and can monitor occupancy metrics, manage buildings, track individuals and assets, enhance perimeter security, and automatically notify staff or security of events.

This advancement in video surveillance is incredibly exciting! By adopting an intelligent system, you can rest assured that the system will handle any issues with your building or assets, thereby reducing the risk of human error.

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