Video Surveillance Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Hospitality facilities such as hotels and resorts are unique buildings with very specialized security and monitoring needs.  Video surveillance solutions for hotels can be instrumental in helping hotel management ensure safety, control crowds, improve customer service, and reduce potential liability.

Perimeter Protection

Outdoor security cameras can help prevent and deter intruders or criminals from accessing the hotel while also keeping them out of exclusive areas.  Today’s security camera technology makes these cameras able to provide incredible value:

  • Utilize night vision or thermal technology to cover low-light, heavily treed areas, and challenging weather conditions.
  • Benefit from smart technology that can filter non-threatening events like rain or high winds, which may trigger a false alarm.
  • Use GPS and analytics to more accurately identify intruder location and discern whether it is a person versus an animal.

It’s important that hotels put up signage to identify that the perimeter is covered by video surveillance.  This will act as a deterrent to thieves who may be looking for a quick and easy target.

Parking Facilities

Video surveillance can also be used to monitor parking facilities.  Through the use of video analytics, administrators are able to regulate accessing granting and management for vehicles on their premise.  License plate recognition can help identify unauthorized vehicles and notify personnel when an intruder may be trying to enter a parking area.  Conversely, an employees’, clients’, and suppliers’ approved plate lists allow access to be regulated easily.

Common Areas

Similarly, video surveillance and analytics are a valuable tool in monitoring the many common areas that occur in hotels and other hospitality facilities.  This technology can be used to manage staffing, allowing management to act on customer waiting times by providing more staff members to check in or handle guests’ needs.

Additionally, large areas like lobbies with a lot of people movement have a need for video surveillance to ensure safety.  Video surveillance can assist in protecting hotel property, detect abandoned objects, and capture video evidence of theft or vandalism.

Video surveillance can also assist with managing pedestrian traffic flow.  In tandem with video analytics, video surveillance can prompt an increase or decrease in staffing needs, generate alarms in the event of exceeding thresholds, or identify suspicious loitering.

Finally, video surveillance and analytics can generate data to assist with hotel operations. This data can identify the busiest areas of facilities, common transit routes, average staying time, and peak days/hours.


In summary, there are many reasons that hospitality facilities can benefit from a video surveillance system, including:

  • Better crowd control at high-traffic events
  • Patron and staff safety
  • Provides effective tool for monitoring daily operations
  • Increases customer service
  • Enables remote monitoring from smartphone or tablet
  • Prevents theft and vandalism
  • Deters dishonest employees from engaging in criminal activity
  • Reduces business liability.
  • Improves operational efficiencies

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