Call Centre Monitoring Systems

Leading the monitoring industry for over 30 years, Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. (FMC) operates its ULC-Listed Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) with a talented team of trained Operators. Additionally, FMC has earned the prestigious TMA Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation from The Monitoring Association (TMA), which is awarded annually to monitoring centers meeting all the required points of excellence as determined by TMA.

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Full-Service Alarm Monitoring Solutions

FMC can monitor various types of alarms, including fire alarms, intrusion alarms, and temperature alarms. As long as the device or system you want to monitor is equipped with a dry contact relay, FMC can monitor it. These types of monitored events could include things such as nurse call system alarm activations, high water alarms, power system interruptions, building environmental systems, building automation systems, temperature alarms, and man-down alarms, just to name a few. Achieve peace of mind knowing that the instances that are most important to you are being monitored 24/7/365.

Our call centre monitoring systems are ideal for

Commercial Properties

High-Rise Residential

City & Government Buildings




Related Products & Services

Fire Alarm Monitoring

FMC’s fire alarm monitoring solutions work in tandem with your fire alarm system to transmit your alarm signals to our SRC. Once at the SRC, our trained Operators notify the proper Fire Department and authorities allowing you to focus on ensuring that occupants of your building evacuate quickly and safely.

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Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

Intrusion alarm monitoring is designed to detect a break-in and/or unauthorized access and transmit these signals to FMC’s SRC. Once received, our Operators will take action using a process predetermined by you.

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High Water Alarm Monitoring

These systems utilize a waterbug or other type of sensor to notify you of rising water levels. These signals can be relayed to our SRC, and our Operators will notify you in the event of an alarm.

Temperature Alarm Monitoring

Temperature sensors can detect extreme temperatures within a facility. When a temperature alert is triggered, FMC’s Operators will take predetermined steps as instructed by the client.

Power System Interruptions

Power failures can cause major disruption to your facility. Through alarm monitoring, you can be notified when the power goes out so you can take the necessary steps to protect your building and assets.

Man Down Scenarios

A man down or work alone alarm is a device that can detect when a worker may be in trouble or distress. When FMC’s SRC monitors alarms, it will quickly and efficiently take action to respond to these vulnerable scenarios.