Intrusion Monitoring Systems

Alarm monitoring adds a level of security to your intrusion system. When combined with your security alarms, a monitoring system transmits your alarm signals to the monitoring station where the signal is handled and actioned by a trained operator.

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Custom Security Alarm Monitoring

At FMC, we believe that even the most novice user should be able to use our security alarm systems with little to no training. That’s why our custom, scalable commercial alarm monitoring systems are user-friendly while providing the industry’s strongest detection.

Our certified technicians install and service intrusion alarm monitoring systems, custom-built for your facility’s needs. This ensures a quick and seamless integration into your day-to-day operations. All of FMC’s systems are monitored in our own Five-Diamond Certified alarm monitoring station.

Our intrusion monitoring systems are ideal for


Professionally administered intrusion alarm monitoring allows trained operators to oversee security events at your property and respond quickly in an effort to protect your business and property.

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High-Rise Residential

A security alarm system is designed to keep non-public or occupancy scheduled spaces within your high-rise safe and protected.  A monitored system ensures that security incidents are identified and the proper authorities notified quickly and efficiently.

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With the aid of intrusion monitoring, your security system will transmit alarm signals to our Signals Receiving Centre.  Once received, our trained dispatch Operators will respond to these alarms using a predetermined action pattern determined by you and your Customer Service Representative(s).

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Having your intrusion alarm system monitored by our own Five-Diamond Certified alarm monitoring station ensures that alarms that are triggered at your facility are handled quickly and professionally.

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By adding intrusion alarm monitoring, you are adding a vital layer of coverage to your intrusion alarm system.  Whenever the school’s alarm system is armed, our experienced and trained SRC Operators will ensure that the proper keyholders, security guards, or police are notified in the event of an alarm.

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By adding intrusion alarm monitoring to your security system, you can add another level of security to your facility.  Our trained and experienced SRC Operators are working around the clock to ensure that the proper authorities are alerted and dispatched in the event of a security alarm.

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How it Works

When applied on its own or as part of an integrated security solution, an intrusion monitoring system is used to detect the presence of intruders and send alerts in the event of a security incident.

Access Control

Together, access control and security alarms allow for the arming and disarming of your entire security system or specific areas within the system with the use of valid credentials.

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Security Camera Systems

Through the seamless integration between your security system and a CCTV camera system, you can capture critical visual reference that enables you to make decisions for immediate response.

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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Using the existing monitoring panel, FMC can provide ULC-certified alarm monitoring for fire alarm and sprinkler systems, which is compliant with ULC-S561.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my commercial security alarm system communicate with FMC?

Depending on the technology available in your building, our commercial intrusion alarm monitoring systems can be monitored over a phone line, cellular connection internet or DVACS (for legacy systems). For higher levels of commercial intrusion alarm monitoring, FMC can combine these methods of communication to ensure signal receipt in the event of an alarm.

Will you dispatch the police?

FMC will work with you to develop a response protocol for your commercial security alarm system that limits false dispatches of police and works within the guidelines of the Alarm Response Policy of the region that your commercial property is located in. Different Police Departments have different requirements for response (check with your local department for more information) and FMC will work with you to ensure that your commercial security alarm system meets every requirement for the best possible response. FMC typically recommends Enhanced Call Verification for our alarm systems to minimize false dispatches.

Can you perform video verification of my commercial security alarm system?

Yes! FMC can provide video verification of any alarms received from the commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system on your premise. This involves detailed mapping of any CCTV cameras on your premise with your commercial intrusion alarm system so that in the event of an alarm, our monitoring station dispatchers can view those cameras and see if there is a valid alarm or activity at your site. Some commercial intrusion alarm systems can even stream your video directly into our automation software. Video verification of commercial intrusion alarms has been shown to increase the apprehension of criminals, as verified alarms are usually prioritized by police departments for faster response.

Can I get updates from my commercial alarm system on my phone?

Yes! FMC partners with which provide Interactive Alarm Monitoring services, including home automation, remote arming and disarming, thermostat control, video surveillance and much more. This can all be managed centrally for one location or multiple locations through an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android-powered device. This is not only highly usable for the home user, but has significant business implications as well that can save you time and money.