Nurse Call Systems

FMC can provide you with a custom-designed nurse call system in your facility to alert Nursing staff that a resident in your care needs assistance. Our highly-trained team can provide these systems as a new installation or seamlessly as a retrofit to an existing system.

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Nurse Call Solutions

A professionally installed nurse call system allows patients to call or contact their caregiver easily. Allowing healthcare professionals to respond quickly to their patients’ care needs. Whether your system is in a retirement residence, hospital, or long-term care facility, FMC can install a system that has your patients feeling safe and secure. We can create a customized solution for you based on facility size, location, patient status, and staff needs, considering the numerous types of devices available.

FMC’s nurse call systems can help your facility by contributing to workflow enhancement. Automatic escalations, corridor lights, type of call reports, and time-records are all examples of how a nurse call system can help automate and streamline your facility’s processes.

Our intrusion monitoring systems are ideal for

Retirement Residences

Assisted Living


Long-Term Care Facilities

Nurse Call

Nurse call systems can utilize a variety of devices to allow a patient to communicate with their care providers. These devices can range in style from dome lights, speakers, or push buttons just to name a few.

Bed Call

You can activate a bed call using a few technical options, including manual button activation or bed monitoring devices. These allow patients to alert their nurses by simply activating a push-button. They also act as an alternative for monitoring systems to alert nurses about potentially abnormal conditions without the need for manual intervention.

Bathroom Call

Water-resistant pull cords in bath and shower stations activate when pulled. Installing these stations in bathrooms provides patients with privacy. While also allowing you to speak to the resident in case of a fall or emergency.

Wireless Solutions

These solutions utilize wireless transmitters such as personal pendants or wireless wall stations to send alerts to caregivers or emergency responders.

Wandering Patient (RFID)

Assigning patients an RFID tag to wear on their persons via a wristband or pendant device enables the detection of tagged patients as they approach defined areas such as exit doors, stairwells, and elevators. Once the system detects their presence, it triggers alarms and secures doors.