Access Control Systems

In many types of facilities, the need to control access for staff and building occupants is of the utmost importance. FMC can provide scalable, easy-to-use access control solutions that will enhance building security and work to protect people, property, and assets.

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Access Control Systems & Solutions

The term “access control” describes any method used to control movement into or out of an area. Access control systems are useful in mitigating unwanted visitors from gaining entrance to your premises, but they are also helpful in recording personnel traffic, such as staff and guests. This is particularly important if you are a facility that has staff or occupants with different security clearance levels. Access is usually controlled through an authorized access card and card reader mounted at the door.

Our access control systems are ideal for


A well designed access control system solution fulfills multiple roles including improved security, and reduction in costs and liability issues.

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High-Rise Residential

Building security is a major focus for many condo and apartment buildings, especially in mixed-use scenarios that include office or retail spaces. A properly planned access control solution can provide a plethora of benefits while reducing costs and liability issues, allowing your tenants to enjoy peace of mind.

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A properly designed Access Control solution will improve a building’s security system while also providing additional benefits such as reducing costs and liability issues. FMC’s Access Control solutions can provide government staff with differing levels of security clearance within the building, and across different buildings. Access Control can ensure that only those authorized for access in specific locations can gain entrance, all while managing the access to these sites from a central location or shared management software.

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An Access Control solution from FMC can assist with enhancing security and streamlining employee and vehicle traffic.  When used in conjunction with gates, turnstiles, and card readers, our professionally installed system can control access, assist with traffic control, and replace a key-based system.

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Schools are challenged by the fact that multiple access points can be used by unwanted intrusion. FMC can design an access control solution that can control access to specific areas while also notifying security or administrators of any security system breaches or other issues that may arise.

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FMC’s access control solutions can have a positive impact on your healthcare facility’s security by controlling staff and patient traffic, restricting access to specific areas.  Additionally, these systems are instrumental in identifying breaches and notifying facility security and management to respond promptly and effectively.

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Scalable Card Systems

FMC installs and services access control systems that can range anywhere from one to hundreds of doors. Our systems are easy to use, and we provide all of the required training when the system is installed. Single buildings can be provided with standalone access control systems while multiple buildings can be equipped with an interconnected set of devices, which can be managed through a single piece of software. Easy-to-use software allows you to manage access for multiple buildings simultaneously.

Hosted & Server-based Card Systems

Traditionally, card access control system data is hosted on-site in a computer or server, which houses all of the data for your access control system. One increasing trend is the use of Access Control as a Service (ACaaS). ACaaS is a subscription-based service that takes data processing and storage off-site, eliminating the need to have a server located at your building. This method is ideal for any business owner who doesn’t want to or can’t house a server on-site and would like to keep its system current at all times. It is often a more cost-effective method of access control.

Readers, Swipes & Biometrics

With your consultation, FMC will select the best fit devices for your facility. This includes using traditional cards or fobs, mobile, and biometrics. Mobile credentials replace the need to carry a separate card or keyfob by placing the access credential on the user’s phone. Mobile credentials can be accomplished through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which lets NFC-enabled smartphones communicate with other devices that contain the NFC tag. Biometrics use a person’s physical characteristics, such as hand features, eye scans, and facial recognition to confirm their identity. In some cases, biometric identification is being combined or paired with other forms of identification.

Gates & Turnstiles

FMC can offer a wide array of security gate and turnstile options based on your specific needs. Whether you require assistance with security, privacy, or traffic control, our solutions can help you manage the flow of cars and pedestrians into or out of your facility quickly and safely.

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Security Alarm System

Integrating access control with a security alarm system allows for the arming and disarming of the system with valid credentials. Additionally, this combination allows you to easily manage your access privileges in real-time rather than changing locks. If an employee leaves the organization, simply delete the individual from the system.

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Security Cameras

A security camera integration allows you to control cameras and view video footage from one user interface. This collaboration can allow you to receive video clips that coincide with unauthorized access.

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Building Management Systems

When brought together with a Building Management System, access control can provide a wealth of data that can assist with controlling lighting, energy, HVAC and much more. This can be a valuable tool in reducing both energy consumption and operating costs.

Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring your access control system allows you to rest easy knowing that your security team will be notified when an alarm is activated.

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This integration provides easy and secure access for visitors, deliveries, and other personnel, allowing visitors to speak with someone inside your facility, who can then decide whether or not to allow access in. Intercoms can be voice-only or have a live video feed to accompany the voice and verify the person entering.