Security Cameras Systems

Security camera systems and video surveillance have evolved rapidly over the past few decades and are commonly seen in many different types of applications. Our team will work with you to design a CCTV camera surveillance system that fits the needs of your building.

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Custom Camera Surveillance Solutions

Camera surveillance systems can provide many benefits to a facility, beginning with the ability to act as a visual deterrent against theft and fraud. Additionally, our expert team will ensure that your properly installed and maintained CCTV camera system will provide you with peace of mind knowing that any incident will be captured by the associated cameras.

There are many different types of security cameras available with many different features and functions to meet the needs of your facility. The four most common security cameras used today include dome security cameras, bullet security cameras, PTZ security cameras, and box cameras. Our sales team will work with you to create a custom solution using the best cameras for your unique needs.

Our CCTV camera solutions are ideal for


A video surveillance solution is an effective way to keep your commercial building safe. A professionally designed and installed security camera system is shown to deter crime and plays an important role in documenting security breaches at your facility.

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High-Rise Residential

Our talented team will design a customized security camera system for your building’s unique needs. This design will strategically place the right type of cameras throughout the building to provide a complete system that can capture footage of events inside and outside of the building.

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FMC’s custom-designed security camera systems are ideal for Government and Municipal buildings. Whether you need to capture footage that is triggered by a specific event or 24/7 video surveillance, our systems will provide you with the coverage you are looking for.

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 Our security camera systems can help you secure your plant for worker safety, inventory loss, vandalism, and other situations that tend to arise in industrial facilities. Enhancing your CCTV system with the use of remote video monitoring provides real-time surveillance of your building, allowing for a quick response to protect your business, property and assets.

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Adding a security camera system to a school’s overall security plan is an excellent way to help reduce many common challenges they experience including bullying, theft, trespassing, violence, and absenteeism.

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 A security camera system can be an important tool to protect hospital patients and staff, and provide visual evidence that can be used to provide general observations, visual identification of events, and deter false alarm claims.   All video solutions designed and installed by FMC will come equipped with remote access, thus allowing you to  access camera footage remotely from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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How it Works

A surveillance or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is made up of one or many security cameras that capture and send video to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or a cloud-based server, which records the video footage and presents them on a monitor or other connected device (tablet, cellphone, etc.). Security camera system functionality has evolved immensely and is commonly seen in many different types of applications.

Mobile Apps

Almost all security camera manufacturers have produced an app for their cameras that will allow you to view the camera’s footage remotely from your mobile device. This is ideal for a person who may be located off-site, giving them the ability to stream video regardless of where they are.

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Video Verification

Video verification gives you an additional layer of protection by sending video clips of alarm events to your computer or mobile device. This functionality is an incredibly valuable tool that provides you with the ability to determine what caused the alarm, reduce the possibility of false alarms, and allow you to benefit from the quick dispatch of the appropriate emergency responders.

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Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring uses an internet connection to send footage that is captured by a single or multiple security cameras to a remote Signals Receiving Centre (SRC). At the SRC, a properly trained operator will review the live footage and quickly respond to any suspicious activity to protect your business and property.

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Video Analytics

Video analytics can be an important resource to maximize the value and efficiency of your security camera system. Simply put, video analytics are parameters added to your security camera system via built-in camera or software analytics, which allow the system to analyze video and determine if pre-established events are occurring in live video or have occurred in recorded video. This allows your security camera system to operate more efficiently by alerting users to real-time events and reducing the amount of work involved in managing your searches. It achieves this by making your camera system act more intelligently in its work.

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Access Control

Together, access control and security alarms allow for the arming and disarming of your entire security system or specific areas within the system with the use of valid credentials.

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Security Alarms

Through the seamless integration between your security system and a CCTV camera system, you can capture critical visual reference that enables you to make decisions for immediate response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install analog or IP commercial CCTV camera surveillance systems?

FMC works with both analog and IP-based systems; however, newer IP-based systems have become more cost-effective and provide a much higher quality of commercial video surveillance. FMC can install IP CCTV cameras that record in 1080P high definition, and even provide cameras that record in resolutions higher than this. These higher resolutions for CCTV cameras allow for large areas to be covered by a single camera, where multiple cameras may have been required in an old, analog environment.

IP-based CCTV systems are also much more scalable, allowing you to seamlessly move from a small system to one with many cameras if you need it. FMC can work with any size of system, and with most manufacturers of cameras and recording devices to ensure you have the best possible commercial CCTV surveillance system at the most cost-effective price. FMC can also deploy “hybrid” commercial video surveillance systems, which allow you to migrate from an analog CCTV environment to a digital IP CCTV camera system in an economical way.

Will you service my existing commercial CCTV camera surveillance system?

FMC works with many different CCTV camera systems and can service and add to most existing systems. Our experienced, certified technicians can diagnose and resolve issues on most CCTV camera systems. One of our customer service reps would be happy to visit with you to go over your system

Can you perform video verification of my commercial security alarm system using my existing commercial CCTV camera surveillance system?

In most cases, FMC can provide video verification with your existing CCTV camera system. Video verification is an event-based false alarm reduction technique where FMC monitors the security alarm system in your facility. In the event of an alarm, FMC operators can log into your camera system or have it integrated with our alarm monitoring software and check on the status of the site. We can then make more informed decisions when it comes to dispatching alarms, reducing instances of false alarms. Some police departments are requiring verification of some sort before the dispatch of officers to alarm calls, and video verification is one way to accomplish this.

CCTV video verification requires an installed building surveillance system that has internet connection capabilities used in conjunction with FMC intrusion monitoring services.