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Change the Volume on a DSC Power Series and Power Series Neo

adjust volume DSC security alarm monitoring system keypadIn these regular posts, we’ll walk you through “How-To’s” for equipment that we service, and questions that we are regularly asked from you, our customers.

In this tech tip, we’ll look at how to adjust the volume on a full message LCD keypad DSC Power Series and Power Series Security Alarm Monitoring Panel.  From time to time, trouble conditions may persist which cause the keypad to beep until the issue is resolved.  While this beeping is necessary to alert you to a potential issue, this can become an annoyance in a business or office with a commercial security alarm system.  All DSC keypads allow you to adjust the volume so that you can no longer hear these alerting beeps.  Please keep in mind that if the volume on the DSC Power Series Security Alarm Monitoring keypad is reduced completely, no sound will come from the keypad, including alarms, button pushes and door chimes.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to turn the volume up and down on a full-message LCD keypad for a DSC Power Series and Power Series Neo Security Alarm Monitoring System:

  • Press * and then the 6 button on the keypad
  • Enter your master Code
  • Use the < and > keys to scroll to “Buzzer Control”
  • Press *
  • Use the < and > keys to scroll through the various buzzer settings, and adjust to your preference. “0” will silence the DSC keypad.
  • Press # to exit.

If you have any questions or need assistance in silencing your DSC security alarm monitoring system keypad please contact your security provider.

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This tip is applicable for the following security alarm monitoring systems and security alarm monitoring system keypads:

  • DSC-PC1616
  • DSC-PC1832
  • DSC-PC1864
  • DSC-HS2016
  • DSC-HS2032
  • DSC-HS2064
  • And all applicable LCD full message keypads for these security alarm monitoring systems

7 thoughts on “Change the Volume on a DSC Power Series and Power Series Neo

  1. Hello, I have an LED5532 Power Series keypad installed in my apartment. The trouble light is on, and it starts beeping (two beeps intermittently) every half hour or so. It’s driving me crazy!!! I haven’t slept for days.

    Is there any way to silence my keypad?

    Thank you.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for these instructions. Our panel wouldn’t stop beeping due some a power issue and it was driving everyone nuts. This acted as a great temporary solution. Cheers

  3. Is there any way to make the “beep” louder for the chime or the exit beeps? When I change the buzzer level, it mostly changes tone only. The loudest is on level 10 or 11, but that is still not loud enough for us to hear it when we exit and may want to come back in the house while the exit beeps are still in progress. I want the beep to be louder.

    1. Hi Joe!

      If your keypad volume is up as high as it can go, then you cannot make it any louder on its own.

      You can have your security company install a piezo on the security system which can act as a buzzer as well. These are pretty inexpensive and can make the “beep” much louder. Hope this helps!

      1. I had a simular problem. I could barely hear the chime when Buzzer Control was set at 8. I moved the Buzzer Control up to 12 and completed a test and found no noticeable difference in the chime volume. Subsequently, I moved the Buzzer Control up to 15 (Max) and then repeated the test. Once again I saw no noticeable difference in the chime volume. Working with my security company I then moved the Buzzer Control down to 1 and once again repeated the test. With this setting I was finally able to hear the chime.

        What they explained to me is that the “tone” had changed and in my case the sound moved into my my audible range and something my hearing aids were able to process.

        I hope this helps!

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