What You Need to Know about 2G and 3G Network Shutdown

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin
Since the introduction of cellular technology in the 1980’s, mobile networks have continued to evolve rapidly.  Most recently, another evolutionary milestone is on the horizon as we are seeing mobile network service providers phase out 2G and 3G networks in favour of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks.  With the 2G/3G network shutdown currently underway (also known as sunsetting), we are encouraging customers to plan ahead.

What Is 2G & 3G Sunsetting?

2G/3G sunsetting means that the mobile network service providers turn off the cellular infrastructure that’s used to run the devices that are utilizing the 2G/3G technology.

Why Do Mobile Network Service Providers Do This?

The primary reason that mobile network service providers do this is to re-purpose the spectrum for faster and more efficient devices.  Secondly, it’s more cost effective for the network service provider to operate a more advanced LTE network versus maintaining an older technology.

Do All Mobile Network Service Providers Have the same 2G/3G Sunset?

No, not all mobile network service providers are acting on the same schedule.  However, as the technology continues to advance and customers demand for faster, more reliable, and cost-effective options, network service providers will need to expedite this migration with more urgency in order to free up available wireless spectrum.

When will 2G/3G be phased out by my carrier?

The 2G/3G network shutdown is already well on its way.

  • Bell
    • 2G shutdown date – 2019
    • 3G shutdown date – 2025
  • Telus
    • 2G shutdown date – 2017
    • 3G shutdown date – 2025
  • Rogers
    • 2G shutdown date – 2021
    • 3G shutdown date – 2025

As you can see, many carriers have already shut down their legacy 2G networks and the sunset of 3G is currently underway.

mobile network evolution infographic

What Does This Mean for Me?

Upgrading your building’s fire alarm or security system for a faster and more reliable performance is essential, especially with the imminent obsolescence of 2G/3G networks. FMC is actively assisting customers in choosing the right network solution for long-term reliability.

Rest assured that this upgrade is not overly extensive.  If the network your system is currently operating on is on a 2G or 3G network, you won’t need to replace the entire system.  Often, you will only need to upgrade a small component of your system to keep it running on a new network.

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