Five Ways To Improve Your Perimeter Security

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Many people take steps to improve the security used to protect the inside of their building, and often neglect to think about securing the perimeter.  Points of entry in your building, such as doors and windows could be vulnerable to an intruder without the proper security measures in place.  However, there are countless ways to address the security needs of your building’s perimeter.

Here are 5 ways you can improve the perimeter security of your building or property.

1.  Utilize Security Cameras

Today’s security cameras have become an important tool in perimeter security.  The technology that exists can assist with a variety of challenges that often present themselves.

  • Night vision or thermal cameras provide incredible coverage in challenging conditions such as low-light scenarios, heavily wooded areas, and circumstances of inclement weather such as fog.
  • Some cameras utilize smart technology to filter outdoor movement, such as wind or rain, to avoid triggering a false alarm.
  • Finally, cameras that use GPS are often more accurate, providing the ability to differentiate between an animal and an intruder.

We also advise you to put up signage warning those who may intend to steal that security cameras are in operation.  This can act as a great deterrent for any passing thieves that are looking for an easy target.

2.  Ensure Durability

Depending on your geographic location, your outdoor perimeter security devices should be able to withstand the weather that they may experience.  Whether you’re dealing with snow, humidity, wind, or heavy rain, you should work with your security integrator to select technology that is built to endure your outdoor environment.

3.  Limit Points of Entry

Easily seen and accessed points of entry can make your building susceptible to intruders looking for vulnerabilities in your building’s security.  You can limit this through the use of fences and/or strategically placed landscaping, and direct foot traffic to specific monitored areas.

As well, these strategies should be used to limit access to upper levels and the roof of your building.  It is often assumed that these areas are difficult to reach however, a determined thief will take advantage of them if they are not protected.

4.  Use Sensors and Detectors

The use of door and window sensors are also an important tool to improve your perimeter security.  If an intruder attempts to break a window or force their way through a door; motion sensors, door contacts, and glass break sensors will activate an alarm.

5.  Increase Visibility

As mentioned above, a security camera can be used to help you spot a potential intruder however, we recommend that you maintain any large shrubs or trees so that they cannot be used as potential hiding spots.  If you have any particularly challenging blind spots, consider adding some perimeter lighting or motion sensors to illuminate naturally dark corners or areas.


Keeping the above tips in mind will help you improve the perimeter building.  Installing durable security cameras and sensors at your points of entry are a critical first step however, you should remain conscious of foot traffic and visibility around your property.  Taking these steps will help you to achieve peace of mind knowing your building is secure.

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