Introduction to Intrusion Alarm Systems

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

When used independently, or as part of an integrated security solution, an intrusion alarm system’s function is to detect intruders and send notifications in the case of a security event. We’ve detailed an introduction to intrusion alarm systems below!

Intrusion alarm systems can consist of many different devices including door contacts, glass break sensors, motion detectors, sirens, and strobes just to name a few. By using an intrusion alarm system, it can detect a would-be intruder attempting to enter a secured area. It can activate an audible or visual alarm on-site and simultaneously send an alert to an alarm monitoring station. Trained operators handle it as predetermined by the customer.

When integrated into a solution, multiple systems collaborate to create a holistic security solution. This includes:

Components of an Intrusion Alarm System

An intrusion alarm system is made up of many different components that work in unison to keep your building safe.

  • Motion detectors – these devices work in collaboration with the security control panel and can instigate the activation of alarms, lights, cameras, or an audio device.
  • Glass break detectors – this is a sensor that detects the sound of breaking glass and activates an alarm.
  • Keypads – the keypad is how you interact with your alarm system.  Through the keypad you can arm/disarm your system, and activate/deactivate devices.
  • Door contacts – these devices detect when a door or window opens or closes.

Benefits of an Intrusion Alarm System

Here are our top three:

  1. Constant Protection – Employing the use of security guard services on site is challenging and expensive.  An intrusion alarm system can provide you with 24-hour protection against theft and break-ins at a fraction of the cost of a guard.
  2. Strong Deterrent – When an intruder identifies that you have an intrusion alarm system at your location, they are often inclined to move on from your property.  Even if they are unaware that a system exists on site, a siren or other auditory alarm typically drives them away.
  3. Manage Remotely – Today’s intrusion alarm systems are designed with mobility in mind.  Using an app, you can manage, arm/disarm, and monitor your intrusion alarm system from anywhere.

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