Three Ways To Get More ROI From Your Intrusion Alarm System

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

It’s more important than ever to be evaluating the value you receive from major purchases for your business or building.  However, when considering return on investment (ROI), people generally overlook one area—their intrusion alarm system. Almost all businesses have an intrusion alarm in their building. So, why aren’t you trying to get the most value out of it and possibly save yourself some money in the process?

Here are three ways to get more ROI from your intrusion alarm system:

1. Integrate Your Intrusion Alarm System with Building Services

image of lightswitchMost people are unaware that even the most basic security alarm monitoring panels have built-in output relays. These can be expanded and used in conjunction with building automation or service functions. For example, your security system could automatically turn off lights in the building when you arm the system or, conversely, turn them on when the system is disarmed. This functionality can save you money on your electricity bills and improve the overall safety of the building.

Integration can also control heating and cooling functions within your building. Allowing you to adjust the temperature depending on whether the building is occupied or not.  An additional integration with a service like could give you the ability to adjust the building temperature, or receive temperature related alerts, which could potentially prevent incidents like frozen pipes or overheating equipment.

There are many other building automation options for you to consider.  Discuss your needs and goals with your service provider to determine the best solution for your building.

2. Real-Time Notifications from your intrusion alarm system can save you money

Having the ability to receive real-time alerts from your intrusion alarm system is another huge benefit that can increase your ROI.  These alerts can be alarms, which are sent to you via email, text, or push notification on your mobile device or tablet.  These alerts can update you on the status of your system regardless of whether it is armed or disarmed.

For facilities that spend a lot of money heating and cooling large spaces in order to keep occupants comfortable and product in good condition, real-time notifications can be critical. On occasion, people working may leave entry and exit doors propped open, making it difficult to maintain a set temperature and driving up heating or cooling costs. With real-time notifications, you can set unique alerts for your doors so that if they are left open for more than a defined period, you receive an alert. The conditions or types of alerts are endless, and it is important for you to review all of your needs with your service provider.

This feature can also be used to combat product or equipment loss. Sometimes, less trustworthy employees may prop a door open with product or equipment for someone else to go by and take at some point during the day. By knowing when doors are being propped open, you can prevent this sort of loss. This functionality saves money and improves security.

3. Use Open and Close Reports to make sure you aren’t missing business opportunities

Your existing intrusion alarm system can produce open and close (arming and disarming) signals to your monitoring provider.  This information can be provided to you in the form of regular reports. Which will provide you with valuable insights on your business.  Apps like can relay this information to you in real-time. You can then review these insights to understand when your facility was actually armed or disarmed. This ensures you aren’t overpaying for your staff hours.

Additionally, as a busy building manager, you may not always be able to be on site for open and close.  So, comparing your arming and disarming times to when you’re meant to be open or closed ensures you’re not missing out on potential customers.

Many intrusion alarm systems are not used to their full potential. These are just a few ways that they can be maximized to help you save money.  Leverage these opportunities to improve your business and keep your hard-earned money in your bank account.

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