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June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Access Control is one of the fastest growing sectors in the security industry.  Today’s access control manufacturers continue to innovate and promote new solutions to help solve customers’ evolving needs.  One of the most under-utilized tools to maximize access control efficiency is the use of a security monitoring centre. The use of a monitoring centre acts as an extra set of eyes on who is accessing your building. The use of a monitoring centre acts as an extra set of eyes on who is accessing your building. While also helping you to make the most of your system’s functionality by managing all of your various users and their clearances.

What is Access Control?

Access Control is a term commonly used to describe any method used to control traffic into or out of an area. Previously, access control has been mainly applied to the exterior doors of buildings, however today’s access control systems have evolved to incorporate as many doors or access points as may be needed.

Access Control is a tool used to prohibit unauthorized personnel from entering your premises, it can also be used to track personnel traffic. This is especially important if your business has employees with different security clearances. A properly installed access control system can ensure that only those with the appropriate clearances are able to gain entry to specified areas of the building.

An Extra set of Eyes

An access control system is a critical component of any building’s security system, allowing you to keep an eye on who is access your building.  Those who are responsible for overseeing a facility’s security often have countless other duties. This makes it difficult to keep a constant eye on your access control system. This is where a professional monitoring centre can help.  Having a security monitoring centre watching generated alarms allows you to rest easy knowing you don’t always need to be on-call.

To achieve this, a professional monitoring centre utilizes a security alarm control panel to interact with elements of your security system.  This alarm control panel sends alarm information to the monitoring centre, which is handled by their Operators.  Upon receiving an alarm, monitoring centre Operators will begin to dispatch appropriate emergency responders and/or contact the building contacts about the alarm. The Operators and/or their automation software can call or send a real-time text alert to a mobile device about the activity in the building.

Other benefits of professional monitoring include:

  • Cost-effective solution to assist with managing access by staff, vehicles, pedestrians, and building automation.
  • Ideal for businesses with off-hours site access needs.
  • Can integrate with video verification to confirm alarms.

User Access Management

A security monitoring centre can help manage many of your access control system requirements.

If you prefer a hands-off approach, you can leave the management of your account to the experts.  A security monitoring centre can provide management of door lock schedules and management of access cards and card holder databases. Customers can make changes easily by calling the security monitoring centre directly.

Some of the services available include:

  • Manage the addition and removal of user codes and keep a record of user accounts.
  • Management of your door lock schedules, including holiday schedules.
  • Administration of your card holder database.
  • Activity reports to keep you updated on system usage.
  • Integration with intrusion alarm systems for improved security and efficiency.

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