How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting Integrated Security Solutions

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been a growing trend in the field of security, and as the use of smart technology becomes more widely adopted, this use is poised to grow exponentially.

Currently, AI has been focused on the execution of specific tasks such as object recognition, identity management, and physical activities through the use of robots or drones.  However, with the growing field of mobile, cloud, and biometrics, AI and its integration with access control have the future of a once stagnant security application looking very diverse.

AI and access control can be broken into two main categories, Physical Security and Cyber Security.  Although unique, each utilize AI to bring together multiple security applications to achieve improved results on the traditional processes.

Physical Security

AI and access control have been applied to the physical security applications of video analytics and operational efficiency.  Within each, AI has had an immediate impact in improving functionality and efficiencies.

Video Analytics

AI has already had an incredible influence on the security industry through its application to video analytics.  The use of AI has eliminated the need for predetermined algorithms, allowing the AI to capture and decipher data in real-time.  Traditionally, video analytics would alert security personnel that a person or object has crossed a barrier.  Now, through AI, video analytics can identify a security risk through facial recognition.

This can be applied to physical security at large events.  Video analytics can capture video footage as patrons approach the facility entrance, and cross-reference facial recognition against a watch-list database.  If a person of interest is discovered, an alert can be sent to security personnel who can then mitigate the situation.

Alternatively, a camera technology using video analytics can identify an incoming car and reference a license plate in order to identify a potential risk.

Operational Efficiency

AI is also being used by companies to engage with customers and employees to improve operational efficiency.  Security solutions that utilize video analytics or networked access control, can utilize that data to identify the behaviour patterns of employees and visitors to a building.  Businesses can then take that data to increase efficiencies in how they operate.  For example, access control information can be used to identify when rooms are not occupied so that energy usage can be reduced.

Cyber Security

As business systems become more interconnected and distributed, the volume, and need for seamless, continuous, and accurate access to information will become increasingly important.  Because of these vast systems, advanced authentication systems, such as AI will play a much larger role than exists today.  The use of passwords will no longer be necessary, and will be replaced with AI based access control.

“When considering that users’ inability to protect and manage passwords causes over 90% of cyber attacks, it is evident that our current approach, which mostly uses passwords for authentication can not support the security of the future state where many devices will be interconnected,” says Henry Bagdasrian, Founder of Identity Management Institute.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is becoming increasingly more intricate as more authentication factors have been put in place to ensure security.  AI can play a huge role in collecting and analyzing that information much faster than humans ever could.

The Future of AI and Integrated Security Solutions

There is no doubt that many of today’s access control tasks will become increasingly automated and performed by the use of machines and AI.  This change will be a continuous challenge for the security industry as there are inevitable vulnerabilities that come along with new technologies that are a part of many of today’s businesses.  Therein lies the solution, technology such as AI, machine learning, and automation will continue to be applied to security products forcing their evolution moving forward.

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