How Security Monitoring Can Improve Your Access Control System

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

As a building owner or operator, you know you can’t be in all places at all times.  Although with an integrated security system that utilizes security cameras, intrusion detection, and access control, you can protect your business 24/7/365. How you ask? The integrated monitoring of your security devices can act both as a deterrent, but also help you track activity. Security monitoring offers you an extra level of support by acting as your eyes and ears when you’re not available.

How Security Alarm Monitoring Works

At Fire Monitoring of Canada, we utilize a security alarm control panel to interact with your security system.  This alarm control panel sends information to the Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) about what is happening in your building.  This alarm can be sent using a variety of methods including phone line, cellular, IP, etc.

The alarm signals are received at our SRC and are handled by our trained Dispatch Operators through our alarm monitoring automation software.  Based on a pre-determined set of procedures, our Operators will begin to dispatch appropriate emergency responders and/or contact the building contacts about the alarm that was received. Our Operators and/or Automation Software can call or send real-time text alerts to your mobile device notifying you about the activity in your building.

Security Monitoring and Access Control

Fire Alarm Monitoring Signal Recieving Centre

Monitoring your access control system is a cost-effective and reliable solution to protect against unauthorized entry.  This can work seamlessly with your physical security team to provide protection for your facility.  Additionally, recent developments in technology allow your access control and monitoring to collaborate in order to improve your building and staff efficiency.

If you prefer a hands off approach, you can leave the management of your account to the experts.  Our SRC can provide management of door lock schedules, including holiday schedules, management of access cards and card holder databases.  Customers can make changes easily by calling the SRC.

Benefits of Monitoring

  • Cost effective and reliable access control solution for staff, vehicles, pedestrians, and building automation, operating 24/7/365.
  • Real-time access control to enable site entry and exit.
  • Ideal for businesses which require limited off-hours site access
  • Monitoring can look for changes in activity, times, and suspicious behaviour in addition to actual break ins or security breaches.
  • Reacts if a break in should occur, notifying you or the relevant authorities.
  • Video verification enables confirmation and appropriate handling of alarms.
  • Monitoring your premises 24/7.

Learn More

For over 30 years, Fire Monitoring of Canada (FMC) has been an industry leader in the monitoring of fire and security systems.  If you would like to learn more about how monitoring can improve your access control system, call us at 1 888 789 FIRE (3473), or email