How to Adjust the Volume On a DSC PowerSeries and Neo Security Alarm System

May 13, 2022 | By: arcane-admin

In this tech tip, we’ll look at how to adjust the volume on a full message LED keypad DSC Power Series Security Alarm Monitoring Panel and the DSC Neo Security System.  The LED Keypad for the DSC Power Series Security Alarm System and DSC Neo Security Alarm System does not have an LCD screen, and makes it slightly harder to do some of the administrative functions on the device.  An LED Keypad would look like this:

dsc neo led keypad

An Icon Keypad would have the date and time on the LCD screen, but no other language.  The DSC Power Series and DSC Neo Icon Keypads would look like this (with the Power Series being the green screen, and the Neo Having the blue screen):

dsc neo icon keypad

How to Adjust the Volume on a DSC PowerSeries & Neo LED Keypad

  • Press * and then the 6 button on the keypad
  • Enter your master Code
  • Use the < Key to scroll through 21 total buzzer volume levels
  • When you have chosen he desired level, press the # Key. This will save the volume level.

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