How to Change the Contrast on a LCD Keypad for your DSC Neo Security Alarm System

May 13, 2022 | By: arcane-admin

dsc neo lcd keypadKeypads on security alarm systems are used to arm and disarm the alarm system, securing your home or business from intruders.  These devices are typically installed at points of entry into the premise and can be installed in many different types of environments – dark and light.  The DSC Neo line of security alarm systems have LCD keypads which look like the one on the left to display system information in clear-to-read language through an LCD screen on the arming security keypad.  This LCD shines a bright blue, and is distinct in this fashion.  From time to time, you may need to adjust the contrast of this screen to make is easier to see what is written on the keypad.


  • Press * and then 6
  • Enter your Master Code (If you do not know your master code, speak to your security professional)
  • Enter 1 and then 3
  • Use the arrow keys (< and > ) to adjust the contrast of the LCD screen to your liking
  • Press the # Key several times to exit the menu

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