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  • Case Study: Life Safety Equipment Monitoring

    life safety equipment monitoring case study header image
    Ensuring public safety at all times within your facility can be an intimidating challenge, especially in times where staffing may be minimal.  Learn how Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. (FMC) was able to assist a public entity to provide a safer environment by leveraging their existing life safety & fire alarm monitoring equipment. The Challenge ...
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  • What You Need to Know about Phone Lines & Your Alarm System

    Alarm Monitoring Station
    When it comes to monitoring the fire alarm or security system in your facility, there are multiple communication methods for you to choose from.  One of the most used communication channels are phone lines, which utilize copper lines to transmit signals to your alarm monitoring station. In recent years, it has been increasingly popular for ...
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  • Tech Feature: Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Security System

    Many of you likely know the name Qolsys through their success in the residential security sector.  However, Qolsys has recently made a big push into the commercial market with their IQ Panel 2.  The IQ Panel 2 comes with a very diverse selection of smart devices that not only help secure your property, but also ...
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  • Choosing an Intrusion Alarm System

    choosing an intrusion alarm system
    An intrusion alarm system is an important component of a building’s security plan and is an asset when to keeping valuables, customer information, documents, and occupants safe.  With that said, there are many important decisions needed when choosing the right intrusion alarm system for your facility. It’s important to note that not all intrusion alarm ...
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  • Introduction to Intrusion Alarm Systems

    introduction to intrusion alarm systems image
    What is an Intrusion Alarm System? When used independently, or as part of an integrated security solution, an intrusion alarm system’s function is to detect intruders and send notifications in the case of a security event. Intrusion alarm systems can consist of many different devices including door contacts, glass break sensors, motion detectors, sirens, and ...
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Testimonial & Case Study

  • "Fire Monitoring of Canada impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but resolved existing service issues with another alarm service provider." - Administrative Coordinator
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  • "Their monitoring & service personnel are knowledgeable, helpful and responsible." - Facilities Manager
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  • "The FMC technician was exceptionally professional in the performance of his duties. He was very organized, focused, safety minded" - Asset Manager
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