Access Control and Building Management Systems

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

The systems that we use to manage our facilities and lives are more inter-connected now than ever before. This integration is especially prevalent in the security field, and is now regularly expanding to include access control and building management systems.

What is a Building Management System?

A Building Management System (BMS) consists of any control system that is used to monitor a building’s mechanical and/or electrical systems.  These systems can include a building’s lighting, HVAC, fire alarms and detection, and security.

Access Control Integrations

An access control system can provide incredible value when integrated with BMS.

Four primary reasons BMS platform integration is becoming more popular:

  • Compatibility – BMS platforms are able to collect and share data across many different systems to collaborate and promote efficiency.
  • Data Reporting – The data that is collected can be easily presented to end users in a variety of detailed reports. These reporting features can be used to improve worker and building productivity.
  • Intelligent Systems – These systems can be built and programmed to interpret system data and take specific actions based on that information.
  • Equipment Health Check – BMS diagnostics can work to ensure that all devices are working properly

How Access Control Assists Building Management Systems

Access control systems can provide a wealth of information to a BMS platform regarding the location of building occupants as well information about how they move throughout a building.  This integration can assist with energy efficiency, traffic flow management, and occupant safety in the event of an emergency.

Access control systems can also benefit overall BMS performance.  Many BMS systems today utilize a command and control functionality. This allows buildings to respond to the actions or commands of their occupants.  Access control systems help to make these actions work efficiently while also ensuring the command is coming from the right credentials.

Finally, access control systems are often the jump off point for many BMS processes.  For example, a scanned credential can be utilized to turn on lights in the building, or adjust the thermostat.

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