Best Integrations for Security Cameras

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Integration has become a vital part of many building’s security system.  Today’s security integrators take a multi-pronged approach to security that brings together video surveillance, access control, and security systems to build one complete security solution.  Video surveillance is an increasingly popular method of security for today’s buildings. There are many different integrations that will work in tandem with video surveillance that will enhance your overall building security’s functionality. Here are our four best integrations for security cameras:

1. Access Control

Your building will experience a higher level of security and safety when your video surveillance is integrated with access control.  These two systems are a powerful duo that enables you to monitor exactly who is accessing your building through confirmed credentials and enabling visual records of each access attempt.  Having the ability to capture and review an access control triggered event is an incredibly beneficial feature.  Additionally, the knowledge that access control triggered events are visually recorded, acts as a deterrent to potential security threats.

2. Security System

An integration between your video surveillance and security system provides you with many security features that benefit from the ability to capture footage of security events.  Through an integrated system, you can receive push notifications on any security event that you wish, while also providing you with critical data that will enable you to make decisions to improve your building’s security and efficiency.

3. Mobile Apps

Almost all security camera manufacturers have produced an app for their cameras. Allowing you to view the camera’s footage remotely from your mobile device.  This is ideal for a person who may be located off-site, and will give you the ability to stream video regardless of where you are.

4. Video Verification

Video verification gives you an additional layer of protection by sending video clips of alarm events to your computer or mobile device.  If applicable, this integration can also send video clips to your security monitoring station to act on.  This functionality is an incredibly valuable tool that provides you with the ability to determine what caused the alarm. In addition to how to reduce the possibility of false alarms within the future.

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