Best Practices When Upgrading Your Access Control System

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

An access control system provides many benefits and is a valuable tool for securing a building against unauthorized access.  Like any technology, access control has evolved dramatically, and if your current system is dated, you should consider and upgrade to ensure you’re getting the best performance you can receive.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your access control system, consider these best practices when upgrading your system.

Reasons to Upgrade your Access Control System

  1. Data Privacy

Evolving data privacy threats and challenges are on the rise, and this applies to access control as well.  There is a growing demand for a higher level of security around user credentials while also providing the convenience of new technology.

  1. Flexibility

Today’s businesses need an access control platform that provides the flexibility to grow with them and easily integrate with a variety of additional security functions to provide increased security.

  1. You know It’s Outdated

An outdated system can leave you open to many security vulnerabilities.  Unauthorized individuals can exploit those weaknesses, which can result in lost assets and/or physical damage to property and persons.

Additionally, outdated systems are also likely to experience service failures, becoming more of a hassle to repair and maintain.

  1. You’ve Experienced a Breach

If you’ve experienced a security breach, you know the hardships that come with the loses that may occur as a result.  If your system has been compromised, it is a great time to bring in an expert to help you assess what happened, and identify what needs to change to prevent a recurrence.

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What To Consider When Upgrading your Access Control System

  1. Separate Network

Today’s access control systems are IP-based, which means the devices are placed on a network just like our office computer system.  It’s best practice to place an access control system on its own network as a precautionary measure to protect the network against cyber attack.  When it comes to setting up a dedicated network, any of the following will work:

  • Set up a network that is physically separate and independent of your other network.
  • Set up a virtual environment.
  • Segment off a portion of your current network.

It is important to consider that many IP-based access control systems require Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches in order to function.

  1. Integration Matters

In the early days of access control, these systems stood on their own and didn’t integrate with other solutions in the way they are capable of today.  Now, it is incredibly common for access control systems to integrate with security camera systems, building management, and much more.  For example, it’s now possible to click on an access control notification and have corresponding video of the event available for viewing.

  1. Get the Latest Features

There are many different access control tools available to improve the functionality and usability of your system.  Functionality like remote access, smart phone credentials, or biometrics are just a few options you’ll want to consider when upgrading your system.

  1. Consider Redundancy

If you’re upgrading an existing system that includes a large number of entry and exit points throughout your facility or facilities, you should consider using a back up server or a cloud-based solution.  This can protect the integrity of your system if one server goes down, ensuring your people and assets stay secured.

  1. Ensure Your Security Integrator is Asking the Right Questions

It’s important that you work with a qualified Security Integrator when working to upgrade your access control system.  We encourage you to ensure they are taking the time to understand your unique security needs.

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