Benefits of a Card Access System

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Card access remains the primary method used to control entrances and/or exits to a building, and many businesses are turning to these types of systems to improve the security of their facility and keep their employees safe.

How Card Access Works

A card access system allows card holders to enter and exit a building or area by swiping or tapping their access card or fob to a card reader.  The reader interprets the card credentials and grants or denies access through a door or access control turnstile system.

4 Benefits of Card Access

There are many benefits to using a card access system; here are four of our favourites.

  1. Maintain Access Records

Every time someone uses their access card, their credentials are logged. This allows you to track entries and exits at your facility.  This is a valuable tool when investigating an incident after it has occurred. In addition to reviewing real-time user data, and identifying operational efficiencies.

  1. Eliminate the Need to Change the Locks

If you depend on traditional lock and key entry, you understand the security risk that arises if an employee loses a key.  When a key is lost or stolen, the only way to ensure security is to replace the locks and have new keys cut.  Conversely, with card access, if a key is lost, it can be removed from the system’s database and a new one can be issued immediately.  This is also beneficial if an employee leaves your company, allowing you to remove their access privileges quickly.

  1. Provide Temporary Access

Card access allows you to easily provide temporary access to temporary or contact workers, clients, or visitors.  Combined with your access control management program, you can provide access to anyone for a specific period of time.

  1. Increased Security

The most important benefit of card access is its ability to protect your employees and property.  With the controlled entry that card access provides, you can reduce the risk of theft and crime.  This is particularly relevant to businesses that require multiple shifts. As well as businesses that need different security clearances to certain areas of their building.

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